I Will Always Love You.

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Chapter 373;

(A Few Weeks Later)

Laura's POV
It's been weeks since Ross & I have come back from our Honeymoon . It was the best experience ever . Im glad I finally became a Lynch .Everyone found their soulmate & I found Mine . Ross had been such a sweetheart . Everyone was happy that Ross & I are finally married , Our trip to Paris for our honeymoon was amazing. It will be one memorable thing I will never forget . Moving out to LA was never a mistake in fact Vanessa & Riker moved out . Ryland already bought a proposal ring & he's gonna propose to Savannah . Lilly & Rocky are looking for a house .Turns out Vanessa is having twins a boy & a girl she's finally 4 months . Lilly is 2 months pregnant . Wow theirs gonna be a lot of children in the house . Well Ross & I are gonna have more kids were just waiting for Ryder to at least hit a year . Ross was right everything was worth it in the end , I'm finally married to the love of my life & I have a family already .We were currently on the car because we were heading to the park to have a family picnic .

Ross;Wow I can't believe we made it this far .

Laura;I'm really happy we did .

Ross;Yeah I am too , I guess we can say everything was worth it in the end


Ross;Were here (takes off his seatbelt & gets off)

Laura;(gets out of the car & gets the picnics basket)

Ross;(carrying Ryder) lets look for a spot


Ross;(carrying Ryder in one arm & has one arm around Laura)

Laura;I'm so happy everything is going well now

Ross;so am I

Laura;Did you ever think we were gonna end up having a future ?

Ross;In a way of course , you know I noticed how much we've matured . Our relationships didn't last long back then but look at us now .

Laura;Yeah I mean we were a bit younger back then but yeah look how far we've come with a child already & we're finally married

Ross;(smiles) here's a good spot

Laura;Yeah (lays out the Blanket)

Ross;If only Ryder could've talked (looking at Ryder)

Laura;He will soon


Laura;(sitting Ryder on her lap with her arm wrapped around him) if you want a sandwich , their in the basket

Ross;oh yeah right now I'll get one .


Ross;What else do you want to do while we're together as a married couple?

Laura;I want to be with you for the rest of my life ,have more kids , be happy , & not let problems come in our way .

Ross;I couldn't agree more , You know I always wondered what life would be if I wouldn't have met you .

Laura;I've wondered that too but im glad Delly & You knocked on my front door inviting me for dinner & brining me cookies .

Ross;(chuckles) I remember that , Weren't you creeped out because I was staring at you?

Laura;Of course I was , When I closed the door I was thinking that guy couldn't keep his eyes off me that's creepy

Ross;Not my fault your so beautiful

Laura;Oh shut up (blushing)

Ross;(scoots more over to Laura)now this is how I imagined my life , With a beautiful wife & at least 1 kid.


Ryder;(touches Ross's hand)

Ross;hey Ryder


Ross;you know your so lucky to have Laura as your mother Ryder she's the most sweetest , adorkable , caring , beautiful , flawless women I'm lucky enough to have her mine

Laura;(blushing) your really sweet

Ross;What can I say .

Laura;Stop being conceded


Laura;Oh whatever

Ross;You know you like it when I'm conceded

Laura;Whatever helps you sleep at night

Ross;you help me duhh

Laura;(chuckles) I'm glad you haven't changed one bit

Ross;It's a good thing right?

Laura;yes (smiling)

Ross;You know what?


Ross;Let the next chapter of our life's begin & see what's in store for us (pecks her forehead)

Laura;Yeah . (smiling) Id really like that

Ross;what was the One thing we always said to each other . Let's see if you remember

Laura & Ross; I Will Always Love You . (kiss each other with Ryder in Laura's laps)

They Lived Happily Ever After 💞.

The end☺️.


That's the end ☺️💛.
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