Wedding Talk

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Chapter 308;

Ross;So how many stuff have you guys gotten ?

Riker;Well we got the reception , The cake , we got the flower girl

Ross;Who's the flower girl ?

Vanessa;You guys really want to know ?

Rydel;Of course

Riker;We wanted Rosalie to do it

Ross;That's insane she 2 weeks old

Riker;Please delly look our wedding Won't be traditional you can help her out

Ratliff;Were up for it Rosalie can be your flower girl


Rydel;Well yeah of course

Riker;Thank you so much !

Savannah;At least all of you are getting married

Laura;Ohh ryland you haven't asked ?

Ryland;Not yet

Ross;He's gonna ask you Savannah his key word was yet


Rocky;have you gotten your bridesmaids ?

Vanessa;Yeah I was thinking laura , Rydel , Savannah , and lilly could be my bridesmaids

Riker;I thought about my best man well I know who it is already

Rocky;Who ?

Riker;You Rocky



Rocky;Thanks man !

Riker;No problem

Ross;Our wedding isn't planned yet

Lilly;and you proposed 1st

Ross;How'd you know

Riker;Rocky told her

Laura;oh Rocky

Lizbeth;That's great though at least he proposed and is getting married with someone he truly loves

Rocky;Yeah well lilly want to go in the room

Riker;If your gonna do something naughty I recommend you to be quite cause this house echoes a lot

Laura;You got that right

Lilly;Yeah that's why when you and Nessa did your business we heard it all the way to the living room

Riker;*gets red*

Vanessa;That's not true

Laura;Wait you guys had your time at my house ?


Rydel;I told you to get a hotel

Rocky;When you guys weren't their they did use a room

Riker;A guest room indeed

Laura;Okay then

Vanessa;ryland are you planning to have a family with Savannah ?

Ryland;Yeah I don't know about her

Savannah;I want to when the time is right


Lizbeth;I honestly feel like a loner in front of all you

Riker;Why ?

Lizbeth;Cause all you talk about is having kids , your marriage , and how happy you are

Savannah;oh well sorry

Ross;Liz can I talk to you alone for some minutes

Ratliff;Don't do nothing stupid ross

Ross;I won't

Laura;I'm trusting you

Ross;You can trust me *kisses her*

Laura;Okay go talk to liz

Ross;I'll be back

Sorry for the boring chapter 😪

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