Rydel's Cast Off

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Chapter 191;

-At the doctors-

Rydel;Okay we're here

Ratliff;Would you like to make an appointment for the baby ?

Stormie;Just do it but in a week or so .

Ryland;We should go out to dinner later

Mark;We should we haven't done that in a while since we weren't their for Laura's birthday that's gonna be our present

Rydel;dad your so late haha Call Laura so they could get ready

Mark;It's better late than never . wait I saw that she had a new phone

Ratliff;Oh yeah Ross got her a new phone for her birthday



Ryland;Okay well let Ratliff call her than you give us her number

Rydel;Okay Ratliff call her

Ratliff;Okay *dials Laura's number*





Ratliff;Oh hey mark & stormie said to get ready cause were all going to go out to dinner

Laura;Okay I tell the guys right ?


Laura;Okay then I'll tell them

Ratliff;Alright bye

Laura;Okay bye

End of convo

Ratliff;She said that she'll tell the guys


Dr.Martin;Hello Rydel


Dr.Martin;Okay let's go get your cast off

Stormie;I have a question doctor

Dr.Martin;What is it?

Stormie;Why is she getting her cast off earlier than Riker ?

Dr.Martin;Her injury wasn't bad as Riker's . The bones in his arm were a bit more crushed than Rydels

Mark;Okay now we know why

Dr.Martin;Yeah well let's go Rydel

Rydel;Okay I'll be out in a bit

Ryland;Okay well be here

Rydel & Dr.Martin leave

Ryland;I have a question

Ratliff;What is it?

Ryland;Why did Laura's leg had a band aid

Ratliff;Oh she Umm got shot on her birthday & well the doctor said to leave the bandages on until the last day of December

Stormie;Oh my god who shot her?

Ratliff;Were thinking it was Anna

Mark;but isn't she in jail ?

Ratliff;That day she got a text she showed us but we were saying that we had to keep her safe so she went in her room we heard her yell we all ran to her room when we saw she was shot also unconscious

Stormie;Did you guys at least call the police?

Ratliff;No we were all so worried

Mark;Yeah we understand

Ryland;At least she's good

Stormie;Yeah that's all that matters

Rydel & Dr.Martin come out


Stormie;Hey you ready to go?


Dr.Martin;Rydels leg is good she just needs too take medication

Mark;Okay thanks doc

Dr.Martin;No problem

they leave


Hey guys sorry I didn't update yesterday or the day before I was busy . But here's another chapter I'm gonna try to update a lot cause I start school next Monday .

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