Shes okay

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Chapter 128;

{They head to the hospital}

Ross;Hey doctor excuse me please help me my girlfriend got shot In the leg I don't know why she's unconscious please help her

Doctor;okay we'll take her from here


Doctor;No problem

[In the waiting room]

Ross;I'm still wondering how that person got In the room

Riker;Ratliff checked their was a rope & the window was open

Vanessa;It has to be Anna

Rydel;Guys okay it is Anna we all knew she was going to come back any day soon so let's not act surprised about this

Ratliff;She's right

Ross;We can't stay like this ! we have to find her

{The doctor walks in}

Doctor;Laura Marano ?

Vanessa;Were her relatives

Doctor;Okay Laura is okay the reason why she was unconscious was because of the scare she got but she will be in crutches for 3 weeks .she also got a cut in her lip somehow along with a bump in her head.

Riker;Why so long ? & will that bump affect her somehow ?

Doctor;Cause she got shot in the ankle you guys brought her in the right time she lost a lot of blood though & no it won't

Rydel;Thanks doc

Ross;When can she go home?

Doctor;In a bit the nurse is putting on the crutches for her shell come out any minute


Doctor;No problem

{5 minutes later Laura walks in}

Laura;*weak smile* hey guys

Ross;*hugs her & pecks her lips* hey

Laura;Ow careful their lynch *laughs* can we go home it's 9:00 I'm tired

Ratliff;Yeah let's go

Riker;Were glad your okay

Vanessa;Ugh Laura you worry me so much

Rydel;I feel bad that this happened to you on your birthday

Laura;It's okay something was gonna go wrong anyways

Riker;Okay Ross help her get in the car put her crutches in the trunk


{They get in the car & head home}


Laura's okay (: we'll stay tuned for the next chapter !!((: hope you enjoy

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