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Chapter 61;

Rocky;This is so awesome

Riker;Guys go in I'll set up our spot

Rydel;Okay let's go Ratliff



Laura;What happened?

Ross;I was wondering since were back together would you like your stuff back ?

Laura;Sure but when I get home

Ross;Okay let's go in the water

Laura;Alright *takes her big shirt off*

Ross;*mouth widens* wow you left me speechless

Laura;Stop let's just go

Ross;I can't help it you look amazing !

Laura;Okay lynch

Rydel;Laura c'mon sis the water is soo fresh

Laura;Okay *goes in the water*

Ross;This is not fresh it's cold!!

Rydel;Well other people have different opinions

Adam;Hey guys

Vanessa;Where were you at ?

Adam;I went to the restroom btw don't go because it's really full

Riker;okay Adam thanks for the call

*They stayed at the beach for 3 hours but they had fun the played football in the water , they played volleyball , Rocky would check girls out . They decided to leave because they got cold & it got boring*

{Sorry for this boring chapter stay tuned for the next one}

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