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Chapter 253;

Ross;Okay you look great where are you taking the girl?

Riker;Well we're gonna go to the pier & then get some food

Laura;Sounds good just be careful

Riker;Will do bye guys if you go see delly tell her I said hi


Laura;So what are we gonna do in the mean time?

Ross;Okay well eat right now then we'll finish the room

Laura;Sounds good

Ross;What do you want to eat ? cause my mom gave me some stuff

Laura;I guess some pasta will do


Laura;Lets get to to cook

Ross;okay , so how do you feel about your sister coming back?

Laura;To me it doesn't well because I know she's just here to cause all this pointless drama , all she wants is Riker & when she's tired of him she'll leave him

Ross;I didn't know she was like this

Laura;Yeah she can be nice & sweet but she has her moments

Ross;Wow well hopefully Riker doesn't fall for her no more

Laura;I hope so too

Ross;Well how did it feel when I wasn't here ?

Laura;it was hell

Ross;Yeah that's how it felt when I didn't have you by my side , but I'm glad to have you back

Laura;Same here

Ross;Foods ready . Lets Get eating


With Rocky

Rocky's POV

I got to the place . so I got out of my car I was alone cause ryland planned on hanging out with this girl named savannah . so I got in the house & it was full all I see is people dancing so I said hi to the people I knew .

Lucy;Hi Rocky glad you could've make it where are the rest?

Rocky;they're busy so that's why they couldn't make it .

Lucy;That's a bummer would you like some soda?


Lucy;Lets go to the backyard .

Rocky;Okay , anyway how's it going ?

Lucy;Great !

Rocky;That's awesome I'm glad everythin- *bumps into someone* oh my god I'm so sorry !

??;Its okay don't worry about it

Rocky;I should have watched where I was going

??;haha it's okay don't worry about it , anyways my name is Lilly & you are?

Rocky;My name is Rocky & nice to meet you Lilly

Lilly;Nice to meet you too . are you here alone?

Lucy;I'll leave you 2 alone

Rocky;Yeah sadly & okay then

Lilly;Well if you want I can keep you company .


Lilly;Yeah. Do you have a girlfriend? Cause if you do I don't want no drama with her

Rocky;Nah I don't I'm actually single , but do you have a boyfriend cause I also don't like starting pointless drama

Lilly;I don't actually

Rocky;But your cute you should be having a boyfriend

Lilly;Your cute yourself too , it's just that I'm not looking for a relationship with a guy that's just a jerk & treat me wrong

Rocky;I see cause now in days you don't find a sweet caring guy .

Lilly;Pretty much , wait aren't you from Rocky from R5?

Rocky;Yes I am , I thought you'd catch that from the start

Lilly;Sorry I'm a little late

Rocky;it's alright don't worry about it

Lilly;I feel dumb now haha

Rocky;Don't, we all won't remember everything

Lilly;but your Rocky lynch how could've I forget that

Rocky;haha . are you here alone?

Lilly;Yeah I came cause Lucy is more a really close friend

Rocky;That's nice .

Lilly;Yeah I guess so


With Ross & Laura

Laura;That was really good lets get to finishing the room

Ross;Okay let's go

Laura;all we need is to paint the other side & put up the crib along with the other stuff

Ross;I know you paint the other side of the room & I'll finish putting up the stuff Along with the crib


Few Hours Later

Ross;About time were done

Laura;I know I'm gonna hit the shower

Ross;Okay hurry cause I also want to shower so we can see delly



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