Get away from me

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Chapter 95

*Riker & Laura get home*

Riker;if anything I'll be in my room .....

Laura;Yeah don't worry *cleaning her tears*

Riker;You okay ? *sobbing*

Laura;No Riker it hurts so much

Riker;Hey it's gonna be okay. They'll realize that they were wrong . they'll come back Laur don't be sad .

Laura;Thanks Riker. I love you as if you were my older brother . *half smiles*

Riker.No problem if you want call Adam so he can help us out .

Laura;Okay . hold on *Calls Adam *


Adam;Hey what's up Laura ?

Laura;Can you come over please.? I really need you ...

Adam;Are you crying ? *sad tone* I'll be their in 1 minute

Laura;Okay thanks bye


~End of convo~


Laura;He'll be here In 1 minute .


Laura;Yeah Riker I'm sorry .. I didn't mean to cause all this *interrupted by the door*

Riker;I'll open it.

*Riker opens the door*

Riker;Come on in Adam


*Riker closes the door*

Adam;What's wrong Laura ?

Laura;Me & Ross broke up ..


Laura;Yes again

Adam;How come ?? *sad*

Riker;Well also Vanessa dumped me .

Adam;Awe why you guys ? did they dump you guys so they can be a couple ??

Riker;No well Vanessa was in the hospital cause she got shot . so we stayed their till she could've get out . the time came . my dad made Laura & I stay. Vanessa went to change , well Laura noticed that Vanessa didn't get her socks so when Laura turned to get them & turned back she tripped she ended up falling on top of me Vanessa caught us she got her shoes & left really sad also crying we tried to explain but it was no use

Adam;Wow ..... that sucks okay look guys all I can tell you is don't go kissing ass to them . they'll regret what they did in the mean time prove them you don't need them or at least stay in your room & only come out when it's dinner, breakfast , or lunch you know . just at the mean time don't get near them.

Laura;Thanks again Adam that means a lot *hugs him*

Adam;No problem *hugs back*. I better get going . I'll see you around

Laura;Yeah bye

-Adam leaves-

Riker;Okay so that's what well do

*The rest come in*

Vanessa;Oh look it's the cheaters

Laura;Get away from me Nessa I'm done with you ! your just here to bug me . stop just stop .! I hate you so much right now !!!! your truly mean !

Riker;Vanessa leave Laura alone !

Ross;Yeah I see how much you guys like each other get out of my face

Mark;Hey don't talk to them that way

Stormie;Please guys don't argue *sad*

Rydel;It's not our fault Riker & Laura are fakes

Ratliff;Rydel chill out you don't even know !

Laura;I'm out of here *heads upstairs gets her things & takes them to one of the guest rooms* this is my new beginning .....

Wow poor Riker & Laura :( , stay tuned for the next chapter 💕👌.

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