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Hey guys I have a question . How is my story so far? cause I like writing but I don't know if I'm good at it.


Chapter 197;

Ross;Wow this barbecue is really good

Mark;Well cause I made it

Laura;Your a good cook

Stormie;But I'm better

Rydel;True that

Mark;Hurtful *laughs*

Stormie;Are you guys ready to be parents?

Ross;I am

Rydel;I am for sure

Ratliff;So am I but I'm kind of nervous

Laura;I'm totally ready but I'm just gonna be nervous to give birth

Riker;What do you guys want ?

Rocky;Yeah that's what I was gonna ask

Rydel;I'm okay with whatever gender I get as long as I have my family

Laura;Yeah me too .

Ryland;wow you guys

Mark;Let's get in & open Ross's presents

Rydel;What about the cake?

Stormie;I'll give you some inside


They go in

Stormie;Okay who goes first?

Rydel;I guess I'll go *hands him 2 boxes*

Ross;Damn thanks Rydel *hugs her*

Rydel got Ross new beats & 3 pairs of jeans along with an iPod & a phone case

Ryland;I'll go next *hands Ross a box*

Ross;Thanks ry ry

Ryland gave Ross a pennyboard

Riker;I'm next *gives Ross 2 boxes*

Ross;This is awesome dude

Riker's present was a fresh pair of new converses & a tablet

Ratliff;me I'm next *hands him a box*

Ross;haha okay . this is cool that's E-Rat

Ratliff gave Ross a pair of jeans & a t-shirt along with a picture of Ratliff & Ross together

Mark;Okay this is from me & your mom

Ross;What ?

Stormie;Check outside in the window

Ross;okay *gets up & heads to the window* No way you guys got me a new car?

Mark;Yes you keep the new one & give Riker your old car



Ross;Thanks mom & dad

Rocky;Ryland play the slideshow

Ryland;On it

Rocky;That's my present & I got you a new case for your iPod

Rocky's present was The slideshow it was for 10 minuets just old memories of


Ross;Wow rocky you really know how to make people cry

Laura;That was really sweet


Rocky;I love you littler bro *hugs ross*

Laura;Okay my turn *gives Ross 3 boxes*

Ross;Wow Laura this is amazing

Laura Got Ross new combat boots with a leather jacket that has Ross's name sowed along with the year he was born 1995 & a new dusty blue shirt

Laura;That's not all.Rydel?

Rydel;On it

Laura;I'm gonna need you to cover your eyes for this one

Ross;Okay *covers his eyes*

Rydel;Okay *hands Laura the present*

Riker;No way

Ross;Is it cool?

Rocky;More like amazing !



Ratliff;Damn that's sick


Mark & Stormie;oh my Laura

Laura;1 2 3 open your eyes

Ross;Oh my god no freaking way !!! *eyes widen* you got me a new guitar & a bass???

Laura;Yeah I didn't know which one too get so I got both

Ross;You didn't have to

Laura;I wanted to though

Riker;That bass is bad ass

Rocky;Your gonna get jacked Ross


Rydel;The presents were cool

Ratliff;You got good presents Ross

Ross;I know thank you guys !

Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!