Let's Do This

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Chapter 357;

(1 Week Later) a/n sorry for time skip

Ross;Laura hurry up

Laura;hold on I'm going

Ross;You take so long were gonna get late

Laura;Okay their (heads downstairs)


Laura;Your so pushy

Ross;gee thanks laur

Laura;Okay well let's go.

Ross;Their waiting for us outside already

Laura;I'm kind of nervous

Ross;Don't be .

Laura;What if I don't find a dress

Ross;You will okay now let's go . (gets Ryder & heads outside with Laura)

Laura;Hey Stormie hey Mark

Mark;hey sweetie you ready to go look for your wedding dress ?

Laura;I'm a bit nervous


Ross;She's afraid she won't find a dress .

Laura;Yeah what ross said

Vanessa;but 2 days ago you were all talking about how pumped you are about getting your wedding dress

Stormie;Cmon Laura loosen up a bit don't be nervous

Rydel;you got nothing to worry about lets just go

Rocky;Okay guys lets go

Ross;Okay we'll meet you guys up at The pizzeria

Lilly;Which one?

Ratliff;Mel's pizza place

Rydel;Ooo I love that place !

Ross;Okay don't worry laura I'll take care of ryder

Laura;Thanks . (pecks Ross's lips)

Stormie;Lets do this !

Riker;okay we'll see you then

Vanessa;be careful

The Guys;Okay bye

Savannah;Well let's get going

Laura;(takes in a deep breathe) lets go (they go in the van & head to the wedding dress store )

Enjoy ! 💞

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