Raura;Why him?!?

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Chapter 54;

Laura;What's your problem Ross ?

Ross;Your single & you get with this trash ?

Laura;He's not trash you want to know who's the real trash here ?? it's you ! Also your girlfriend !

Ross;Leave her out of this

Laura;okay then leave my boyfriend out of this

Ross;But why him!?

Laura;Cause I know he won't take me for granted unlike other people that did . You faked your feelings for me Ross . your letter was fake . you never took me & my feelings seriously . Ross I still like you but I have to move on & so do you because you have a girlfriend which you seem really happy . now I have a boyfriend I know he won't make the same mistakes . it's for the best .

Ross;Laura I didn't mean to hurt you but I have mixed feelings i still like you but I also like Anna look Laur maybe something will come out of this

Riker;well finally your calm

Ross;Sorry guys I wanna apologize for everything

Rydel;it's okay I mean your still a jerk for doing what you did

Ross; I know anyway I'm going to break up with Anna


Ross; I don't know I don't want to be in a relationship


Ross; yeah well congrats to you & Adam

Adam;thanks man sorry about earlier

Ross; it's okay I started it so I have to apologize

Adam; okay

Riker;Go do what you have to do little man

Ross; okay

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