Riker's POV

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Chapter 257;

Riker's POV;

So now I have to think wisely on who too choose . why is this so hard ? I want to be with Kate but my feelings for Vanessa are coming back , I know that's not good . Laura got me thinking because she's right girls like Kate don't come around often. It sucks why did Vanessa have to show up now when I had my mind set up on asking out Kate . Like I said my feelings for Vanessa vanished , but now their back . So what am i going to do? Is it Vanessa ? or Kate ? . It is true Vanessa has hurt me & now it's a coincidence that she wants me back . The way I met Kate was nice & weird. The thing is if I get with Kate I know I'm gonna regret it because I might get my feelings back for ness , but if I get with Vanessa it's going to be pure heart break . That's what I don't want . If it's gonna be like that then what's the point ?


So I want you guys to vote on who Riker should get with. Vanessa or Kate.?

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