Riker & Rydel

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Chapter 266;


Ross;Lets go help my mom with Rosalie

Ratliff;Well be back guys *kisses Rydels Forehead*Ill be back sweetie love you

Rydel;I love you too .

They Leave

Riker;Hi why are crying?

Rydel;Because it's all my fault that's why your here & with memory loss

Riker;No it's not . They Told me what happened. You mind if I sit next to you?

Rydel;No .

Riker;So why do you think it's your fault?

Rydel;Because I didn't accept your relationship & because I didn't accept your apology *cries harder*

Riker;But it's not .You shouldn't be crying . I mean I get it you think it's your fault , but to me it's not your fault things happen for a reason .

Rydel;It's is my fault understand

Riker;Im not going to understand something that's not true .

Rydel;Why did you even come? *crying*

Riker;Cause wait why did I come? oh yeah because I wanted to apologize

Rydel;Apologize ? for what?

Riker;They told me what I said to you when you didn't accept my girlfriend .I didn't mean for that to come out of my mouth .

Rydel;It's okay I deserved it .

Riker;No you didn't . Look Umm Umm I forgot your name again .

Rydel;It's Rydel

Riker;Okay .Anyways look rydel I may have lost my memory here but I feel that you & I have a great brother , sister relationship . I know your blaming yourself for the cause of this & trust me this is not your fault .We all make mistakes & we think in the end that it's our fault when in reality it's not .It's just a mistake we did. Rydel if you were in my position you would understand how I feel.

Rydel;But I'm not so I don't .

Riker;Okay . wait theirs something bugging me .

Rydel;What is ?

Riker;I don't know I have something in my butt . *pulls it out* oh it's a it's a wait what is this?

Rydel;Your wallet , is your memory loss that bad?

Riker;I don't know . *opens it* hmm this is interesting . Who's this?

Rydel;That's mom & dad when they were younger

Riker;Oh wow .

Rydel;Hey look it's me & you . {A/N the picture is on top}

Riker;Wow how old was I their ?

Rydel;I don't quiet remember .

Riker;Okay anyways back to the point just don't be sad .It hurts to see you like this .

Rydel;No it doesn't your just faking it.

Riker;it really does Rydel

Rydel;No because like I said it's my fault . I will never forgive myself for this .

Riker;You have to for my Sake ? I know you wouldn't reject it

Rydel;Well I am ,anyway go back to your girlfriend since she's more important to you . *leaves*

Riker;Oh .. *crying*

Ross;Hey Riker why are you alone?

Riker;Cause she left .

Ross;Did you at lest clear it out ?

Riker;No ...

Ross;I'm sorry buddy , is that the reason why your crying?

Riker;Yeah .. *cries harder*

Ross;It's gonna be okay *hugs him*let's get going parents are waiting outside

Riker;I hope so . Where is she?

Ross;She left home with her fiancé & her daughter .

Riker;okay where do I live?

Ross;Your staying with me for now


Ross;Parents just wanted to say goodbye to you so let's get going .


Seems like things aren't really clearing out😪. Stay tuned for the next chapter 💕

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