Raura;A break?

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Chapter 68;

*With the rest downstairs*

Vanessa;were are Ross & Laura?

Riker;In Laura's room I

Rydel;Ratliff who have you been texting all day???

Ratliff;A friend Rydel chill

Rydel;I was just asking

Ratliff;Rydel I think we need a break in our relationship

Riker;Really Ratliff ? Now your going to start ?? first Laura & Ross then Vanessa & I now you???

Ratliff;Riker I just said a break bro chill you guys take everything up the butt

Rocky;No Ratliff is because we care about our sister .
We don't want her to get hurt

~Ross & Laura walk downstairs~

Ross;Whats going on??

Rocky;Seems like E-Rat right here wants to "take a break" with Rydel


Ratliff;Rydel I go to go *phone accidentally falls*

Rydel;*sees* his phone fell

Vanessa;Well check it

Rydel;I don't know....

Laura;If you want to know what's up then do it




Rydel;*cries* Ratliff is texting another girl

Riker;What who?

Ross;He's so dead !!

Rydel;No Ross it's nothing it's just his friend

Rocky;Rydel it's not okay

Rydel;Can I sleep in your room Laur ?

Vanessa;Go for it she won't mind

Laura;Yeah go I'll be right with you in a bit


*Leaves upstairs*

Rydels POV

I can't believe this why would Ratliff want to take a break in our relationship ? does he even like me? or did he get with me cause he felt bad... I don't know what to think.. I really like him I can't loose him ... I'm just torn that he's texting another girl ... am I not enough ?

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