Finishing Touches

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Chapter 366;

(3 weeks later)

Ross & Laura are very excited for their wedding . Their just doing finishing touches while ,Vanessa & Laura finally met mini R5. Riker & Vanessa are looking for a house because they think they're to cramped up in the house. Vanessa I now 3 months pregnant with 2 weeks her belly bump is progressing .Lilly is 1 month pregnant . Rocky is doing his best to keep Lilly happy. Rydel & Ellington are very happy seeing Rosalie grow. Ryland & Savannah are going strong .Ryder is a month already with 2 weeks & a half .

Rydel;Cmon beauty we gotta go see about your dress

Beauty;Yay I'm so excited

Laura;I can tell Rydel is right your super adorable !


Ross;Okay so who's going ?

Laura;Rydel & I are since Lilly went to go see about the photographer with Rocky . While Riker & Vanessa went to go see about the basket for Beauty & then their gonna go see about the music .

Ross;Okay then

Ryland;I would have played music for you but your family & I want to party with you guys I wouldn't want to miss the fun

Ross;It's okay

Gator;But what about when you played at the gigs?you would open up you were always jumping around too ry ry

Ryland;That's the old days we won't be playing for a while now

Ross;possibly in the future than yeah


Laura;Well sooner or later ross & the rest were gonna raise families they still & we'll look Riker is gonna be a dad , Rocky is also expecting a baby ratliff is already a dad , I'm sure Ross is gonna want more kids we don't know about ryland though but the still care about the R5Family .

Gil B;You got that right

Boston;Well you Ladies should get going

Laura;Right rossy I'll be back please watch Ryder

Ratliff;Don't worry Rosalie will keep him company


Rydel;Lets go beauty


(they head to the dress shop)

Young Women; Hello their if you need any help just come by my counter & I'll be glad to help you out (smiles)

Rydel;Thank you (smiles back)

Laura;Okay beauty let's look for your dress

Beauty;(smiles widely) okay

Rydel;What do you think of this one ? (Pulls up a white plain dress with a silver ribbon around it)

Beauty;It's too plain I don't like it

Laura;Wow so you do know what you like

Beauty;Of course

Laura;What do you think of this one (points to a white dress with pink flower)

Beauty;Mmm no I don't like it

Rydel;Okay well let's see theirs more (gets a peachy color puffy dress with no design)

Beauty;Uh no

Rydel;yeah your right definitely a no


Laura;You guys are so alike (laughs)

Rydel;Yes we are I don't know why but taking this little girl shopping makes me wonder if that's how it's gonna be with Rosalie

Beauty;I'm sure it will (smiles)

Laura;awe .

Rydel;Lets just keep looking .

They kept looking until one dress caught Beauty's eyes

Beauty;I totally like this one ! (Pointing to a dress that has a peachy kind of color on the top & white one the bottom with peachy flowers & has flowers on the shoulder straps)

Laura;That's a very nice dress

Rydel;I like it

Beauty;I know it's so beautiful!

Laura;What are you waiting for try it on

Beauty;okay (goes in the fitting room & tries on the dress)

(2 minutes later beauty come out)

Rydel;It looks very great on you

Laura;yeah I love it it's really nice you look incredible

Beauty;awe thanks delly & laur


Rydel;Go put on your regular clothes so we can pay it & then go home

Beauty;Okay (goes back into the fitting room , put on her regular clothes & comes out of the fitting room)

Rydel & laura paid half & half for beauty's dress they got the shoes she needed which were a type of peach color like her dress & some white socks that go up to her knee when they were done they went back home .

Ross;hey girls


Gator;How'd it go?

Beauty;It went good

Ross;(smiles) I guess the wedding is ready to go

Laura;(smiles widely) really?

Lilly;Yeah we found a photographer . 2 of his people will come early in the morning to this house to take pictures of the guys & 2 ladies will go to the house Your house & of course take pictures of us

Rocky;Yeah they take good pictures

Ryland;That's why ther photographers

Gus;Oh Rocky

Gil B;What kind of dress did you get beauty?

Ratliff;You'll see it the day of the wedding


Rydel;I like it it's very nice she has good taste


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