Dreams & Wishing It Was Reality

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Chapter 203;

Ross's POV

So turns out my parents including Riker , Rydel & Ellington calmed Laura down . She was taking a nap so my mom told me to go in the room just in case something happens to Laura cause they went to go get lunch . Today is almost close to New Year's Eve. I hope Laura comes out of the hospital already. But as I was thinking I fell asleep I started dreaming

~Ross's Dream~

Ross:Their honey the pain is over don't worry

Laura;Giving birth is harder than I thought

Ross;You did great you gave birth to our beautiful baby boy *holding the baby*

Laura;I can't wait till we go home

Ross;Me neither what's gonna be his name ?

Laura;What about Richard

Ross;I like that can we put him my middle name?


Ross;Richard shor lynch I like that

Laura;I do too . I love you Ross

Ross;I love you too *kisses her*

Laura;& I love you too Richard more than anything your gonna be my little boy

Ross;Well protect you always & forever *kisses his forehead* you made a huge impact in our lives & I'm glad to be your father

Laura;I'm glad I'm your mother baby boy

~End Of Dream~

Ross;Oh your awake

Laura;Yeah where are your parents ?

Ross;They went to go get food

Laura;Okay .

Ross;Hey can I tell you something


Ross;okay for starters I'm glad your calm & I'm sorry about earlier if I could go back in a heart beat to fix everything I would

Laura;Yeah I get it but it's done already & we can't do nothing . I had a crazy dream

Ross;What kind of dream?

Laura;Were I had the baby & it was a boy I called him Richard

Ross;No way I had the same dream

Laura;Cool I just wish it was reality

Ross;yeah ... me too ...

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