Really Ross?

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Chapter 226;

A Few Hours Later

Ross;Thanks for willing to try again Laura

Laura;Its not a problem I know how bad you & I want to have a family

Ross;Yeah well let's hope again

Laura;Yeah well let's go get dressed cause I'm hungry


They Get Dressed & Head Downstairs

Rocky;About time


Riker;Next time when your using your bed be a little less quite *smirks*

Ross;Haha whatever anyway were are mom & dad ?



Ratliff;They got a call

Riker;Turns out our aunt back in Colorado got sick so their gonna go for 3 days

Ross;Are we going ?


Rocky;Were staying here

Ryland;Their taking me though

Ross;Why do they always take you ?

Ryland;Cause they prefer me more


Ryland;Okay bye guys mom & dad are coming


Stormie;Okay guys we'll be out for 3 days take good care well contact you if we have a chance

Mark;We left the emergency # incase of any emergency okay ? y'all behave were taking Ryland okay bye guys we love you

They Leave

Ross;What do we do now ?

Riker;Madison is coming over

Laura;What time ?

Riker;We texted a while ago so she'll be here any minute

Rocky;Okay so what do we do in the mean time ?

Ross;Oh I got it Rydel & Laura fix us up some snacks . Rocky & Ellington go set up a movie .

Rocky;What movie ?

Riker;Dead silence

Ross:Okay & Riker go get dressed . Rocky & Ellington take some blankets


Ross;I'll help out Rydel & Laura

Ratliff;Okay we'll meet you in the screening room

Ross;Okay girls what snacks are we gonna have ?

Laura;Well have some cookies with gummy bears along with gummy worms soda or juice & some popcorn

Ross;Sounds good

Rydel;Well okay let's go set up the cups & take the tray

A Few Minutes Later

Ross;Good we're done

Riker;Okay Madison texted that she's outside I'll be back

Rocky;Okay that guy is head over heels for that girl & Delly I just noticed that your baby bump is getting noticeable how many weeks are you ?

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