Reality Sucks

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Chapter 340;

Laura;*cries*wait before you go I gotta give you something

Ross;What is it ? I don't want nothing from you

Laura;It was for our 1 month anniversary , since I didn't get to spend it with you I forgot to give it to you . *gets the box*

Ross;Okay I'll see you around

Laura;Ross please don't go

Ross;I have too you've hurt me so bad *pulls out a gun*

Laura;Wait ross don't do this

Ross;I'm sorry, Reality Sucks *pulls the trigger*


Ross;Tell Ryder I love him & to visit me every while .

Laura;No ross please *walks towards him*

Ross;Goodbye *shoots himself*

Ross;Laura wake up baby if anything I'll just be here

Laura;*groans* What happened ?

Ross;Well you tripped and fell you've been unconscious for an hour

Laura;Is ryder okay? Wait what are you doing Alvie ?


Laura;So it was all a dream?wait what am I doing in the room

Ross;What do you mean dream ? & Vanessa told me to carry you here since they were gonna clean up

Laura;I had a dream where Riker & I kissed . let me tell you it was horrible

Ross;& then?

Laura;You caught us . You started yelling at us . We tried to explain but you just walked out . That's when I went to talk to you & then I was telling you what's the point of a marriage if we cant even handle a problem the right way

Ross;Ouch that hurt .

Laura;*giggles* yeah but where's ryder ?

Ross;Oh Lilly & Rocky have him they wanted to watch him

Laura;That's great

Ross;One thing


Ross;Why did you say 'why are you alive'?

Laura;in my dream when you were leaving you shot yourself

Ross;Oh okay I see

Laura;Yeah it seemed real

Ross;Just know I'm not going anywhere or leaving Ryder come down when your ready

Laura;Okay *smiles* thank god it was a dream

Ross;*yells*heard that

It was all a dream 😝
Who believed it was all real?🙋
Sorry if I made you all panic 🙎.
Alright enjoy this chapter 😌💗

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