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Chapter 59;

Ross;No I'm not on my man period

Laura;Then I thought You were cool about me dating Adam

Ross;No Laura I still like you I messed up big time look I'm sorry I'm such a jerk , a pain in the ass, & worthless you do deserve the best

Adam;You know what Laura I think you & I should be friends cause Ross really likes you I don't want him to get hurt Laur

Laura;Okay thanks Adam I'll give you another chance in the future

Adam;Okay Laura just know I will like you no matter what

Laura;Awe Adam your the best any girl would be lucky to have you

Adam;Thanks Laur

Laura;No problem

Riker;Were here guys

Vanessa;Let's get this started

Ross;So Laur ...

Laura;Well what now

Ross;I don't know..

Laura;Look Ross I still like you , but I'm not willing to give you another chance

Ross;I know Laura I understand

Laura;Yeah so let's go !!

Ross;Okay ..

Laura;Are you upset ...?

Ross;Well not really

Laura;Why ?

Ross;Because Laura I I I love you

Laura;You what

Ross;Yes I love you I know you & I won't happen no more

Adam;I think he's telling the truth Laur look at that sparkle in his eye

Laura;No Adam I don't believe that ...

Ross;It's okay I'm sorry for waisting your time

Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!