Where Can She Be?

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Chapter 209;

Back at home

Ratliff;Ross dude I'm getting worried.

Ross;Chill I'm going to wake up Riker . go get a jacket were going to look for her .

Laura;What about your parents ?

Ross;Can you wake them up Ratliff ?


Laura;& Rocky ?

Ross;Well you wake him up


Ross;*heads up to Riker's room* Riker . *shakes riker* Riker wake up !

Riker;*moans* what?

Ross;Dude please get up Rydel left 2 hours ago she hasn't come back

Riker;What do you mean?

Ross;She was suspicious about Ratliff she got mad & left dude she hasn't come back were worried

Riker;Okay get mom & dad well go look for her .

Ross;Okay hurry up put on a coat cause it's raining


With Ratliff

Ratliff;oh hey mark your awake .

Mark;yeah so is my wife she's just in the bathroom .

Ratliff;uh okay well I wanted to talk to you

*Stormie walks In*

Stormie;Oh hey Ratliff what brings you up here?

Ratliff;Okay great your here well you guys are gonna kill me , but earlier Rydel & I had a little argument . If your wondering why it's cause I didn't want to tell her something . long story I'll cut it short. Laura's baby loss was planned .I got a text that said to watch Rydel cause her baby was next .

Mark;Where is she now?

Ratliff;Okay about that she got mad cause I didn't tell her. She left 2 hours ago . Ross & I along with Laura are worried . we don't know where she's at .

Stormie;oh my god mark we have to find our baby . Where can she be?

Mark;Okay go get flashlights & your coats were gonna look for Rydel . & sweetie at this point I don't know

Ratliff;okay *leaves & heads downstairs*

Ross;What they say ?

Ratliff;Their gonna be here but we have to get flashlights


Rocky;How could've she left ?

Ross;I don't know man but I hope she's okay

Riker;I'm sure she is she's just probably somewhere


Mark & stormie head down

Mark;Let's get going

They leave

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