I know it's not much

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Chapter 360;

At Mel's Pizza Place

Ross;okay the girls texted that their here .

Riker;well let's see where their at .
(Looks around)

Laura;(waves at them)

Mark;I see Laura

Ryland;Lets go (they head to the table)

Ross;hey sweetie


Lilly;How did the tux shopping go?

Rocky;good but ross couldn't make up his mind

Rydel;how come?

Ratliff;He couldn't decide if we should get different types of tuxedos or the same

Riker;yup that's how it went

Mark;okay give it a break how did it go for you ladies ?

Savannah;it went good

Laura;yeah (holding ryder)

Rocky;great now all we gotta do is call our cousins from Colorado


Stormie;I'll do that tomorrow .

Ryland;So are you gonna give Laura the thing you bought?

Riker;oh yeah

Laura;what thing?

Rocky;he stopped to buy you something real quick

Ratliff;it's nice though

Savannah;I wanna know what it is

Ross;(puts his arm around laura)

Rydel;ross stop being hesitating just give her what you got her

Ross;fine then I will (takes out a box)


Ross;I know it's not much. (Gives it to her)

Laura;What is it?

Riker;Just open it


Laura;(opens the box)

Ross;I know I've given you some way earlier when we got together but now I really want you to have it & you won't have to worry about drama because now we're a happy couple (pecks her cheek)

Laura;this is amazing thank you ross (hugs him)

Stormie;What is it? (Smiling)

Laura;it's a more of a locket in a form of a heart . With an 'R' & it has a picture of ross

Stormie;how cute !

Ross;It was worth it

Rocky;Im glad you guys are really working out your relationship

Riker;with all honesty I didn't expect ross to be the 1st one getting married


Savannah;how come?

Rocky;when he was little I think around 11 years old he would always say that he was gonna marry a girl but he was gonna be the last one to get married he always said it was gonna be me to get married first . than Riker , when Riker would marry he said it would be Rydel from Rydel it would of been ryland

Laura;(giggles) oh Ross (sips her soda)

Ryland;Yeah he also ran down the street completely naked

Laura;(spits out her soda)


Ross;(throws a pizza crust at him) shut up !

Riker;Ooo little Rossy is getting mad


Rydel;guys cut it out

Ratliff;Oh dear lord (laughs hard)

Ryland;Stop being such a baby

Lilly;You guys would tease ross

Ross;(glares at Rocky) your a bitch Rocky ! (Chuckles)

Rocky;you know you like it when I tease you

Ross;No I don't

Rocky;Shut pig !

Ross;Moron !

Rocky;Ugly !

Ross;hideous !

Rocky;Jerk !

Ross;Idiot !

Rocky;Rossy Bossy !

Ross;Stupid ass !

Rocky;Drama king !

Ross;Fat ass !

Mark;Alright shut it !

Laura;(laughing her head off)

Riker;This is epic (laughing)

Stormie;oh boys lets get going already


Ratliff;Okay Cmon delly get Melody we gotta go to the mall & buy her more Diapers

Rydel;Oh yeah let's go I'll see you guys later

Mark;Take care

Ratliff;Will do

Mark;I was talking to my daughter

Ratliff;My bad

Stormie;Take care guys I'll see you later were gonna have a family dinner

Rydel;yay okay (She leaves with Ellington)

Hey guys okay I'm not gonna update this story for 3 days because I'm going to San Fransisco tomorrow 😝💛💛. Any way but I will be updating my other ones so if you want to read them feel free 💙💙. I will upload a picture of the necklace that ross got Laura on Instagram user rauraiwillalwaysloveyou . feel free to see it .

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