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Chapter 30;

Rocky;Ratliff you actually came in ? I thought you were scared

Ratliff;Of course I'm scared I just couldn't let my princess down

Rocky;awe that's cute ratliff

Rydel;awe sweetie your the best !

Julie;you guys better hold on tight because this is about to start !

Rocky;ooohhhh yeah !

Ratliff;If I start to scream I'm sorry !

Rydel;It's okay .

-With Ross & Laura-

Ross;This line is really huge ! why don't we just go to the Ferris wheel the line is shorter

Laura;That's true let's go !

Ross;Laura ?

Laura;Yes ?

Ross;Do you actually like me?

Laura;Yes why would you ask that?

Ross;I don't know I'm just scared

Laura;We'll have a talk about this when we get home


-With Riker & Vanessa-

Riker;That was tight !

Vanessa;It sure was!

Riker;what next?

Vanessa;omg look at that panda !

Riker;You want it?


Riker;Let's go get it for you !

Vanessa;Yay let's go

-They head to the booth-

Riker;What am I supposed to do to win that panda?

Man;all you have to do is make 10 baskets in 30 seconds it's that hard

Riker;Okay I'm in

Man;Just $5 per try & you get 5 balls

Riker;Alright *pays*

Man;Good luck ! *starts the time* on your mark get set go !

Vanessa;C'mon Riker you can do it baby !

Man;25 seconds

[Riker makes 3 shots]

Man;20 seconds

[Riker makes 3 more shots]

Man;15 seconds left son

[Riker makes the last 4]

Man;Congrats son you won the panda!

Riker;Awesome thank you

{The Crowd cheers for Riker when he won}

Vanessa;Thanks so much darling your the best !

(I'll update more later. Gonna think if I should just stop this book because I don't think it's really good)

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