Your Back

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Chapter 156;

??;Yes it's really me

Ross;Oh my god Lindsay I can't believe it your back *hugs her*

Riker;Hey Lindsay

Ratliff;How was Miami ?

Lindsay;It was awesome . I heard what happened to you & delly you guys okay?

Riker;Yeah she's just getting her rest

Lindsay;Hi I'm Lindsay & you are?

Laura;Hi I'm Laura & nice to meet you

Lindsay;Nice meeting you too.

Ross;Wanna hang out?

Laura;What about your sister & brother?

Riker;Oh no it's fine you should go Ross

Laura;•faces Riker•

Riker;Oh . oh you know why don't you just stay here

Ratliff;Yeah I'm gonna get drinks you guys want something ?





Ratliff;Okay I'll be back

Lindsay;Tell me about yourself Laura . •sweet smile•

Laura;Well I'm 19 & i like to write music . I have an older sister .

Lindsay;Wow that's cool. why do you have a bandage around your leg?

Laura;I got shot I had a cast but the doctor said it got better so I just had to use bandages


Ross;Yeah you remember Anna right?

Lindsay;Oh you mean the psycho that broke us up ?

Ross;yeah her

Lindsay;What about her ?

Ross;She was the one that shot Laura

Lindsay;Wait why?

Riker;Cause her & Ross were a thing she was in jail escaped came to our house well that's what we think . it was Laura's birthday & she was in her room when we heard a gun shot. we saw Laura on the ground

Lindsay;God dam she turned more crazy


Lindsay;How long did you guys last?

Laura;Not long enough •looks down•

<Ratliff walks in>

Ratliff;Here you go . imma get going I'll be back in a while bye guys

Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!