This Sucks

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Chapter 288;
Lilly;Are any of you guys gonna go talk to her ?

Riker;I honestly believe that she should calm down a bit before anyone goes

Vanessa;I agree.

Savannah;I feel so bad for her

Rydel;We all do

Rocky;Have any of you guys tried texting ross ?

Ryland;yes I did he never replied

Ratliff;Then he must be enjoying himself with hope

Lizbeth;did she come & just took him or what?

Rocky;We were all having breakfast someone knocked Ratliff opened the door & he didn't know who it was so then he described her .Riker told ross it was hope , so ross didn't believe it . He then went too see well he saw it was her he then started to forget to introduce laura too hope

Lilly;This sucks

Rydel;& the sad thing was that laura reminded ross about their date . He told her that they could've reschedule it

Lizbeth;Wow .

Few Minutes Later

Riker;Guys I'm getting tired it's already 10;48

Rydel;I am too

Ratliff;Here hand me Rosalie

Rydel;Okay *hands Rosalie to ratliff*

Rocky;I believe we should go to sleep ross isn't coming home tonight

Ryland;I agree

Lizbeth;Well let's go to sleep

Vanessa;I'm gonna sleep with laura tonight alright Riker ?

Riker;Yeah it's okay I understand

Vanessa:Okay guys goodnight

Everyone;Good night

Upstairs With Nessa & Laura

Vanessa; Laura ? You awake ?

Laura;Yeah I was just thinking

Vanessa;Hey it's gonna be okay .

Laura;No to me it's not gonna be okay

Vanessa;Why do you think it's not gonna be okay ?

Laura;Cause ross ditched me too go out with hope . You know it sucks because it was our anniversary

Vanessa;I get it ross did leave you too hang out with hope but you can talk to him about your feelings

Laura;Thanks Nessa you always know what to say too me

Vanessa;I'm always gonna be here for you don't worry now tonight I'm sleep with you I don't want you too sleep alone

Laura;Okay night Nessa

Vanessa;night Laurie

Sorry for a short chapter

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