Raura; Meeting the Lynchs

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Chapter 2;

Laura; Nessa what should I wear?

Vanessa;Just wear your yellow high low dress with your white heals

Laura; okay should I curl up my hair or straighten it?

Vanessa; Gosh Laura you look good in both ways just curl it up

Laura; okay thanks Nessa

Vanessa; welcome laur

(Laura's POV; I continued to get ready I curled up my hair put my yellow dress with my white heals put on a little bit of make up & grabbed my purse )

(Vanessa's POV; I got ready putting on my baby blue dress it was my favorite I put on my black heals straightened my hair & grabbed my purse along with my phone)

*At the Lynch's*

Stormie; You guys get ready theirs only 5 minutes until Laura & her sister show up

Rydel; I'm ready

Ross; I just need to comb my hair I'll be down in 1 minute

Riker; I'm done

Rocky; I'm done too

Ryland; Sorry mom but I'm gonna go out with my friends I'll be back around 9:00 I promise

Stormie; okay sweetie take care

Mark; you guys ready??

Stormie; Yes we are

*Knock At The Door*

Ross; I'll get it

Stormie; okay the rest of you come help me set the table while I get the food

Rydel; Okay mom

Riker; Hold on is Ratliff coming tonight?

Rocky; I don't know I think he is

Riker; okay he better come

-At the door-

Ross; Hello there

Laura; Hey this is my sister Vanessa

Vanessa; Well hello there

Ross; Nice to see you again come on in

Laura & Vanessa; okay thank you

Stormie; Hello girls I know you don't know me but I know your mother her & I were bestfriends during high school year . She told me about you guys moving up here since I told her about an open house .

Laura; Yes I think I know who you are

Vanessa; oh yes your stormie !Mom talks about you all the time it's nice to see you

Stormie; well aren't you guys so sweet

*As Riker comes out of the Kitchen*

Riker;Woah Rocky who's that beautiful girl in the blue ?

Rocky; I think it's the Nieghbor let's go introduce our selfs

Riker; okay let's go

(I'll update more later ☺️❤️. Hope you like it :D I'm just getting the hang of it (: )

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