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Love Island 2018 by NewWriterXO
Love Island 2018by NewWriterXO
Based on the ITV2 series of Love Island 2018
  • jack
  • itv2
  • alex
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To The Next Level- Raura by vvvalondra
To The Next Level- Rauraby vvvalondra
"To the next level" is a Fanfic about Raura . Saying no more . IF YOU SHIP RAURA YOU SHOULD READ IT IT WOULD GIVE YOU THOSE FEELS IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!
  • laura
  • jealousy
  • secrets
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Short stories  by Rebelliouswriter3
Short stories by Vicnotvictoria
This a set of short stories based off shattered friendships and secrets I might add short stories unrelated to this collection later on.
  • charlotte
  • laura
  • shortstory
Ones And Zeros by goddess_of_awesome
Ones And Zerosby Joanna
Alex has been my best friend since we were 4 but my mom got a job in Uganda, Africa for 5 yrs, we left when I was 10 and now we're back. But I didn't expect this. Im 13...
  • andy
  • laughter
  • ara
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White Lips, Pale Face (Chocolaf) by thebigsixjelsa
White Lips, Pale Face (Chocolaf)by thebigsixjelsa
{Based on @hilariousfrozencomics from Instagram and my RP with aweshum people :3 ily guys} Chocolate is a lonely, kinda depressed, girl who lives with 5 other people in...
  • disney
  • jark
  • love
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My Last Request by SleepyNOA
My Last Requestby SleepyNOA
I chose this....I chose his happiness over mine...I will forever choose this,even if it's tearing my heart ...Its because I love him...And I will always love him...I wil...
  • pier
  • nakakaiyak
  • laura
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De la luna hacia ti by elizamath
De la luna hacia tiby elizamath
*Idiota acabas de matar sus sentimientos * " mrk creo que si"
  • secretos
  • escuela
  • conciencia
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TwinBroke by jula_mactinus_goals
TwinBrokeby Melina
Laura|14|Hobbys:Fussball,Singen,Tanzen Julia|14|Hobbys:Fussball,Tanzen,Singen Marcus&Martinus|16|Hobbys:Fussball,Singen,Tanzen [Badboys der Schule] Hey!Ich bin Laura bi...
  • martinus
  • juliaandlaura
  • mactinus
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Georgie by smiley_unicorn03
Georgieby smiley_unicorn03
Georgie is a girl that has many weird things happening or happened. She shares snippets of her life with you, from the scary, funny and even times when she gets in troub...
  • friends
  • random
  • olivia
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My other Oc's by Katherine_Petrova__
My other Oc'sby Katherine Petrova
These are for other people so I'm not always roleplaying as Klaus.
  • lena
  • mate
  • isabella
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When Carmilla Kissed by lrhaboggle
When Carmilla Kissedby lrhaboggle
When she kissed Elle, it was beautiful, but there was always an element of fear within every kiss. When she kissed Laura, only love and determination remained, and that...
  • laura
  • lgbt
  • gay
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Un-Predictable by Oneill26
Un-Predictableby Alyssa
Ok there's Riker, Rydel, Rocky, Ross, Ryland, and finally Rachel. Ok Raina is Rachel's best friend. They are inseparable. So Raina likes Rachel's older brother Ryland b...
  • rocky
  • rydel
  • rachel
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Raurar by dndnnsbb
Raurarby dndnnsbb
Laura:Ok hay Ross I don't think that I would see you agen so can we go for a milshack Ross: yes shor why not Laura: lets go
  • laura
  • ross
Laura and Hakeem One Shots by bhabievane
Laura and Hakeem One Shotsby bhabievane
Laura and Hakeem one shots
  • hakeem
  • lyon
  • laura
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