Starting to decorate

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Chapter 122;

*Ross goes upstairs*

Ross;Ready to go birthday girl?

Laura;Yeah of course

Ross;Okay c'mon let's go

Laura;Were are we going ?

Ross;Were gonna go eat , then we'll go somewhere really fun


Ross;you'll decide since it's your birthday

Laura;Ooo can we go bowling after we eat?

Ross;awesome okay let's go

{Ross & Laura head downstairs}

Ross;Hey guys were gonna leave well be back in like 2 hours cause it's already 12

Rydel;okay have fun

Rydel;*shouts* Riker , Vanessa , Ratliff

Riker;They left?

Rydel;Yeah let's get down to business .where's Vanessa ?

Riker;Oh she went for the decorations she'll be here any minute

Ratliff;What do we do?

Rydel;Ratliff go to the basement & get paper so we can do Laura's banner

Riker;If your gonna ask what color paint let's go with red .

Ratliff;Wow you knew I was going to ask

Rydel;Ratliff hurry we only have 2 hours

Ratliff;I'm on it

Rydel;*gets a text* let's go help Vanessa get the stuff down she's here already


{They go help Vanessa get the stuff & head to the back yard}

Ratliff;Okay here's the banner who's doing the writing on it ? I would but my writing is not that pretty

Rydel;I'll do it right now

Vanessa;Okay is rylands Dj set here ?


Riker;I'll go get it

Ratliff;Okay so what do I do?

Vanessa;Okay get the table cloths & put it on the table also the flowers that are in the kitchen

Ratliff;on it

Rydel;okay what decorations did you get ?

Vanessa;Okay I got a lot of things so let's start with these

Rydel;What are those ?

Vanessa;Their hearts to stick on the tables & then here's Laura bow

Rydel;Okay is Ratliff done with the table?

Vanessa;Seems like he is


Riker;What else ?

Rydel;Get the tent & set it up over the Dj set after that hang these stars on the door so when she enters it'll look nice

Ratliff;Okay what do I do ?

Rydel;Get those arrows & stick them around the walls so when she walks in the house she could follow them

Ratliff;okay wait what about the cake?

Rydel;Vanessa will bake it while I do the decorating here

Vanessa;okay I'll get going to do it


*Vanessa goes in to bake*

Rydel;Riker you done?

Riker;Yes I'll go get the grill so we can make hamburgers & hot dogs

Rydel;okay well before you do that can you hang the blue paper around the trees & around the wall where were putting Laura's banner put the purple one

Riker;I'm on it

{They continued to decorate}

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