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Chapter 147;

Riker's POV

Today is the day Vanessa leaves . I'm really bummed about it but then I remembered about what Rydel told me she's right if I really love Vanessa I would want the best for her . I just can't let her go. I'm just wondering why she's going back to NYC . I'm just gonna start to get ready.

{Riker heads out of bed}

Riker;•knocks on Laura's Room•

Laura;Who is it?

Riker;It's me are you ready to go?

Laura;Yeah *opens the door*

~Rydel walks in~

Rydel;Aren't you gonna miss your sister?

Laura;Yeah but I can't do nothing about it

Rydel;True . Why is Ross in your room ?*smirks*

Ross;We didn't bang calm down Rydel

Rydel;*laughs* okay c'mon let's go Vanessa is waiting downstairs


|They head downstairs|

Ross;You ready to go?


Riker;*sad* okay let's go

{With that they headed to the airport}

-At the airport-

Airline;Flight 202 the airplane will leave in 10 minuets

Vanessa;Well that's my cue I better get going

Riker;*starts to cry* I will miss you

Vanessa;Me too Laura stay safe

Laura;No promises but I'll try

Ross;You stay safe Nessa we'll take care of Laura

Rydel;Yeah we will come back soon

Ratliff;Well tell the rest that you love them okay?

Vanessa;Okay I better get going

{Vanessa got her suitcases & started waking . With that she vanished in the crowds of people}

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