Planning Laura's Birthday

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Chapter 121;

*The next morning*

Laura's POV
I woke up & felt some strong arms around me I turn to see Ross next to me I can't believe we actually kissed last night . it was the best kiss we shared . I'm 19 finally . I've been waiting but I'm glad I'm going to spend it with the Lynch's I think. I turn to see if Ross was awake & apparently he was .

Ross;Goodmorning beautiful . Happy birthday.

Laura;Goodmorning *smiles* thanks

Ross;You happy about today.?

Laura;Yeah a bit excited .

Ross;Your old *chuckles*

Laura;Gee thanks for making me feel good

Ross;No problem

Laura;Wow Ross. *laughs* get up go make breakfast

Ross;I'm to lazy .

Laura;Gosh well I'm gonna make breakfast .

Ross;No stay here please .

Laura;For what?

Ross;Cause I don't want to be alone please Laur & it's your birthday



*1 hour later Laura & Ross got out of bed*

{In the living room}

Laura;Want to watch tv ?


Laura;Okay what do you want to watch?

Ross;I don't know

Laura;Gee Ross wait you guys have an Xbox? or anything ?

Ross;Yeah why?

Laura;Want to play that instead ?

Ross;I'll beat you

Laura;Whatever lynch

*Vanessa heads down*

Vanessa;Wow you 2 seem happy & happy birthday Laur

Laura;Awe thanks

Vanessa;What are you guys up to ?


Laura;Yeah well I'm gonna get some Go-Gurt I'll be back


Vanessa;*whispers* me & Riker are gonna buy the stuff for Laura's birthday party today it's just us right?

Ross;okay & yeah

Vanessa;here's the plan *whispers the plan to Ross* Got it ?


Laura;Got what?

Ross;Oh that she's back with Riker

Laura;oh my god really ? *happy*


Laura;That's cute *hugs her*

*Riker walks in*

Riker;What's cute ? & happy birthday Laura

Laura;That you & ness are back together & Riker please put a shirt on & thank you Riker

Vanessa;Riker don't *laughs*

Laura;Okay it's gonna be your fault that I'm gonna go blind

Riker;It's not my fault I'm hot

Ross;lies I'm the hottest one out of all you guys

Riker;Keep wishing

Ross;You know it's true Riker

Laura;None of you guys are hot *laughs*

Vanessa;Riker is


Ross;Laura you know I'm hot admit it

Laura;I'm not gonna admit something that's not true


Ross;Shut up !

*Rydel & Ratliff walk in*

Rydel;Hey guys . happy birthday Laura your finally 19 !!!

Ratliff;Goodmorning & happy birthday Laur *gives her a hug*

Laura;Awe you guys are cute happy one month anniversary & thank you guys

Ross;By the way happy one month anniversary guys *hugs them*

Ratliff;Thanks man

Riker;Oh yeah huh ! happy one month anniversary

Rydel;thanks Riker

Vanessa;Best wishes to you guys & happy one month anniversary

Rydel & Ratliff;Thank you guys

*Ross gives Rydel a signal*

Rydel;Laura can I talk to you ?


*They leave from the family room*

Ross;Here's the deal all you guys go make arrangements you know like go buy things we'll need for later .

Ratliff;Who's gonna be in charge of the decorations ?

Ross;Rydel agreed to it

Vanessa;Who's going to distract Laura ?

Riker;Ross is

Ross;Yeah while you guys stay here & decorate got it ?

All;Got it

*Rydel walks in with Laura*

Laura;Hey guys

Ross;hey get ready were going out


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