We should tell them

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Chapter 175;

~An hour later Ross & Laura wake up . Riker was just watching tv . They all go downstairs while Rydel was carrying her laptop .

Ross;Hey Riker


Riker;Hey guys . Rydel what are you doing with the laptop?

Rydel;Umm I think it's best for us to tell the R5 family why we won't go on tour .

Riker;Are you out of your mind ?? *mad*

Ratliff;Dude chill I think we should do that . I mean our fans deserve to know

Ross;I agree with them

Riker;Okay fine

-They go on twitter & tweet-

The tweet

@OfficialR5;Hey guys we have a video for you so it will be up in 10 minutes . We hope you like it & don't hate .

{The video}

Rydel;Hey guys what's up how y'all been?

Riker;Well we wanted to tell you guys something

Ratliff;We hope you understand.

Ross;Okay well the reason why we haven't been touring is cause we wanted to take a break .

Rydel;Well as you can see Riker has a broken arm & I have a broken leg we got in a car accident .

Ratliff;Theirs another reason why we won't tour also

Riker;We hope you don't leave the fandom

Ross;But we promise to get to the tour as soon as possible

Rydel;Okay guys well you guys never heard that Ratliff & I are dating . Rydellington is official

Ratliff;That is correct & theirs something we need to tell you . this is were we are hoping for you guys to take it well & not start pointless drama .

Rydel;I'm pregnant with Ratliffs baby

Ross;Oh & the picture Rydel posted is my friend her name is Laura & thanks for those who left sweet comments we love you guys

Riker;R5 family united

Ratliff;Goodbye guys . we won't loose touch so don't worry.

{The video ends}


@Rydellingtonforever;Omg you guys are having a baby congrats !!🎉. Hope you guys get better soon

@Rikerismine__:awe you guys I knew it was going to happen #Rydellington you guys have my support & I won't leave the fandom . get better Riker & Rydel

@Rockythetwerkinggod_;Congrats guys 🎉👏. We understand & no pressure just keep us updated . Hope you & Riker get better

@Rydellingtonrocks;You guys !!! what some great news . I hope you guys last 4ever !!!

@Rossismine;I knew it !! you guys are so cute together . by the way @rossr5 you & Laura make a cute couple . get better soon Riker & Rydel . Ratliff you better take care of that baby

@rydelismyqueen;awe congrats guys

-End of comments-

Riker;Wow their taking this really well

Ross;I told you

Rydel;I'm happy they understand

Ratliff;Well that's why their are family

Laura;You guys have supportive fans

Riker;Their the best fans & if it weren't for them we wouldn't been where we are

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