I Can't Get Over It !.

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Chapter 352;

(The Next Morning)


Laura;(wakes up)What's wrong baby ? Why are you crying ?


Laura;Cmon ross speak to me

Ross;I-It's all my fault (cries harder)

Laura;You did nothing wrong . What are you blaming yourself for ?

Ross;Rocky is in the hospital because of me (crying)

Laura;I already told you not to blame yourself . Rocky may have risked his life for you , but it's only because it's family . You remember when Vanessa took that billet for me ? That's how it is family will do anything to see their loved ones okay & happy . I'm pretty sure that's what Rocky wants .Don't cry he isn't dead he's fine . I know yesterday was tough for all of us including Lilly . Ross just know Rocky only did it to protect you .

(Rydel bursts in the room)

Rydel;Guys are you okay ?

Laura;Ross isn't why?

Rydel;I can hear him cry is everything okay? (Worried)

Ross;No I'm not okay ! I Can't Get Over It !.( storms into the bathroom)

(Ratliff walks in)

Ratliff;hey what's going on I heard the bathroom door slam really hard

Rydel;It's ross

Ratliff;(sighs)he's not doing okay is he?

Laura;Nope can one of you get Lilly on the phone ?

Rydel;I'm on it (gets her phone out & dials Lilly's number)

Phone Convo
Lilly;Hey Rydel what's up?

Rydel;Hey are you in the hospital ?

Lilly;yes why is everything okay ?

Rydel;not really

Lilly;What's going on .?

Rydel;I'll put Laura on the phone hold on


Laura;Hey Lilly

Lilly;Hey are you okay?

Laura;I'm fine it's just ross

Lilly;What's wrong with ross ?

Laura;He's not taking this whole situation really well .

Lilly;I understand is their anything I can do?

Laura;Is Rocky awake ?

Lilly;Yes he just finished eating breakfast

Laura;That's nice .. can you put him on the phone ?

Lilly;Sure thing


Rocky;hey laura

Laura;hey Rocky good morning

Rocky;Is everything okay? You sound worried

Laura;Because I am

Rocky;How come? (Grunts)

Laura;hey hey take it easy & cause ross he's still blaming himself ..

Rocky;(sighs) can you bring him down here I gotta have a word with him

Laura;Sure thing . I'll be their 15 minute or so

Rocky;Okay thank you . if anything else just call Lilly again & thank you Laura

Laura;Thanks Rocky & thank you for what?

Rocky;For caring about ross & looking out for him we really appreciate it

Laura;No problem that's my job . now let me get him ready & we'll be their

Rocky;Okay than see you In a bit . bye

Laura;bye (hangs up)

End of convo

Rydel; So ?

Laura;We have to take him down get ready were gonna leave in a bit

Rydel;Okay let's go Ratliff we gotta get ready

Ratliff;Well see you in the living room (Rydellinton leaves)

Laura;Alright . (knocks on the bathroom door)

Ross;What do you want?

Laura;Come out & get ready please were gonna leave already

Ross;(sighs & comes out of the bathroom) alright .

Laura;Thank you

They get ready . Laura got Ryder ready while Ross Was getting ready himself.. a few minutes later they were all done they went downstairs to see Rydel , Ratliff , & Rosalie ready . With that they headed to the hospital .

Will Rocky change Ross's mind ?😨

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