She Doesn't Care

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Chapter 222;

Laura's POV

I seriously can't believe Vanessa is like this now . I hope she's making a good decision I wish her the best of all luck because guys like Riker don't come around often yeah I get it Riker does have those beautiful charming eyes ,his cute smile Wait what am I saying . I'm with ross I can't like Riker again .

Ross;Hey baby your here I already packed your stuff were leaving first thing tomorrow .

Rydel;Yeah so what do you guys want to do in the meantime cause mom & dad went out

Riker;Guys... I really love Vanessa you have to help me get her back

Ross;Hey buddy she moved on Don't you think it's time for you to move on to

Riker;I don't know man

Rydel;Well you should

Rocky;the reason you should is because the more your attached to her the more your gonna be depressed Trust me Riker I want the best for you bro

Ryland;Well be here to help you . cause she doesn't care .. especially how you feel

Riker;I'm so lucky to have you all here thanks guys I owe you

Ross;No problem that's what family is for

Laura;Yeah . Do you guys want to go bowling? Or Do you guys want me to show you around ?



Ratliff;Lets just go bowling . Rydel you better be careful

Ryland;Okay well let's go

Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!