I Miss Her

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Chapter 301;

With Ross


Riker , Rocky , Ryland & Ratliff walk in

Riker;Hey buddy we wanted to talk to you about something

Ross;*sobbing*about what?

Rocky;About Laura

Ross;What about her ?

Ryland;Well Ratliff want to take it from here?

Ratliff;Before Laura left she told Rocky something

Ross;Which is ?

Riker;So she told Rocky that only reason she was leaving was because well she wanted a bit of separation because of something .

Ross;What do you mean?

Rocky;Well here it's all said right in here *gives him a box*

Ross;I - I miss her *crying*

Ratliff;She'll come back man don't worry we'll leave you here okay ? If anything just go downstairs


They all head downstairs except ross

Ross;*speaks to himself*let's see what she left *opens the box & sees a paper* its a letter

The letter
Hey Ross ,
I wanted to tell you the reason why I left well it's gonna be hard to believe but I got a text from Hope she told me if I don't leave you she was gonna hurt Ryder I don't want that. The day you guys hung out was when she texted me , I had to lie to get out of it I didn't want to tell you because I knew you weren't gonna let me I'm not only doing it for Ryder's safety but yours too . I just need time I'll be back I think . I want her to think I actually left. I'm sorry if hurt you in any way . I just want you to know that I love you so much & thanks for being their during the birth . I know I acted rude but that was the point of it I wanted you too believe i needed time to make sure about my feelings . My feelings for you are permanent inside the box I left you a picture of Ryder & I , if your wondering how I told Riker to take it & take me to print it out . I left you a necklace it's a letter "L" to represent my name & for love . Don't try to look for me I promise I'll keep Ryder safe & I'll take care of myself . I'll be back in 2 weeks. I love you ross take good care
Love Laura💖.

Awe that's why laura left 😪 .

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