Raura;Fun Day

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Chapter 9;

Riker;Laura go wake up Ross

Laura;I'm on it

Riker;okay Rydel wake up Ratliff


Riker;Vanessa let's wake up Rocky


-With Ross-

Laura;Ross wake up *shaking him*

Ross;*moans* what ?

Laura;Get up were going out

Ross;On a date?

Laura;No were going out as a group besides if it were a date between you & I you would have to ask me silly !

Ross;mmm okay I'll go get ready

-With Ratliff-

Rydel;Ratliff wake up

Ratliff;I'm up what's going on?

Rydel;Nothing Riker said to wake you cause were going out as a group you know our Fun day !

Ratliff;okay by the way Ryland texted last night he said he was going to stay at his friends house for the weekend


-With Rocky-

Vanessa; Rocky ! Wake up !

Rocky;*moans* what do you want?

Vanessa;Get up dude !

Rocky;No I'm staying with my bed it needs me

Riker;Well let's do it the old fashion way

*Riker gets a cup of cold water & pores it on Rocky*

Rocky;what was that for?

Riker;Vanessa said to wake up but since you didn't want to I decided to throw you water

Vanessa;C'mon Rocky it's just water

Rocky;Yeah cold water

Riker;Get up were going out so get ready ! You only have 10 mins . So go hurry !!

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