She still likes me

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Chapter 160;

Ross;I should get you home it's getting late & it looks like it's gonna rain

Lindsay;Okay let's go •holds his hand•

{They go in the car & head to Lindsay's}

Ross;Goodnight sweetheart I'll see you tomorrow

Lindsay;Okay goodnight

{Lindsay goes in her house & Ross drives home}

Ross's POV

So technically Lindsay & I are together again . I'm still going to keep Laura safe cause I know Anna is still out to get her . I know when everyone finds out about me & Lindsay their probably going to get mad or even be happy but who knows . I got home . I got in my sweats & stayed shirtless . I go check on Laura I saw that she was watching the notebook but she was asleep I got the ice cream bucket she had in her bed hopefully she doesn't get sick . I got her blanket & covered her up & I slightly kissed her forehead turned off the tv when I was walking out I saw a piece of paper on the floor I got it & read it . I can't believe she still likes me , I'm so stupid for getting with Lindsay , I can't break up with her cause it'll seem like I'm playing both of them by getting with Lindsay & breaking up with her just to get with Laura . What have I done .


~The next morning~

Laura's POV

I got up early to go to the hospital so I can see delly & Riker . I called Ratliff so he can pick me up & go with him . I got ready I put on a red tank top with my beanie I put on white skinny jeans with my boots along with a scarf. I curled my hair put on light make up . & got my phone . I get out to see Ross getting ready .

Ross;Good morning laur


Ross;What are you doing up ?

Laura;I'm going to visit Riker & delly


Laura;Yeah what about you?

Ross:I'm going to go pick up Lindsay & were gonna go to the hospital

Laura;oh how was your date?

Ross;Good .

Laura;Thanks nice

Ross;Yeah we got together •happy•

Laura;•wants to cry but holds it in & fake smiles• I'm happy for you

~Ellington arrives & honks~

Laura;Well I better get going bye


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