Why does this always happen ?

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Chapter 211;

Rydel;*crying & whispers to her self* just know if anything happens to me or you baby just know I will love you forever .

With the others

Ratliff; okay now what ?

Ross; okay dad give a right on the next street

Riker;I can't believe you remember

Ross;I know surprising . okay now dad give 2 more lefts & theirs going to be the warehouse


With Rydel

Joshua;it's nice to see you again blondie you got more hot

Rydel;ewe get the fuck away from me you douche bag

Cassandra;Hey remember me?

Rydel;Why wouldn't I remember a bitch like you !

Anna;Okay who wants to go first

Rydel;On ?

Anna;On beating you up maybe I don't know maybe cut you . then when it's New Year's Eve that's when we get rid of the baby

Joshua;haha pretty much well anyway I'll go first *kisses her*

Cassandra;We didn't tell you to kiss her you dumbass !

Joshua;Look you shut up ! I can do whatever the fuck I want !

Anna;Hey Cassandra chill that's why we brought her to have fun

Rydel;What the fuck you guys are sick !

Anna;Shut up ! *cuts her arm*


With the others

Riker;you guys heard that ?

Ross;Yeah that must be Rydel

Ratliff;Hurry *they go inside*

Mark;It's empty

Rocky;Where can they be?

Laura;I don't know

Stormie;Ross is their anything else in here ?

Ross;The attic

Riker;Theirs an attic ?

Ross;Pretty much let's go *they head to the attic*

Rydel;Woah what are you doing with that gun ?

Anna;Relax I'm putting it away

Joshua;Don't panic blondie were just gonna stab you that's all

Rydel;I didn't do nothing to you guys though ! didn't you have fun already by cutting me & slapping me ?

Cassandra;it just began ready for the countdown ?

Anna;I'm ready

Cassandra;Okay Joshua care to do it ?

Joshua;Granted .











Anna;Happy New Year's Eve

Ratliff pushes Rydel over & gets stabbed

Rydel;Nooo !!!

Cassandra;Oh shit let's go !!!

Stormie;Good luck the police are waiting downstairs

Anna;Fuck man !

Rydel;*heads to Ratliff* Ratliff please wake up *crying*

Ross;Ratliff c'mon buddy wake up

Riker;Ratliff please

Mark;Hurry get him to the hospital

Stormie;Delly *hugs her*

Rydel;Why does this always happen !!especially to me *sobbing*

Rocky;He's gonna be okay c'mon let's go

Laura;Rocky just carry her she has cuts all over

Rocky;Okay *carries Rydel*

Mark;Boys help me carry Ratliff to the van *they head down*

Laura;Rot in jail !

Police;okay thanks for calling they'll be locked up real good this time *leaves*

They head to the hospital

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