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Chapter 63;

Vanessa's POV; I was jealous of Megan what if Riker actually chooses her over me she's really pretty & I'm not why does this always happen to me well I'm out of the shower I'm going to leave my clothes until I see.....

Vanessa;What the hell is this?!?

Riker;It's nothing Vanessa I swear I tripped & I fell on top of her

Megan;It's true I wouldn't want you guys to argue over this

Vanessa;I don't believe you Riker

Riker;Please Vanessa you know id choose you no matter what.

Megan;Umm... sorry Riker but I still like you & I thought I had a chance

Riker;Sorry Megan I'm really into Vanessa

Vanessa;No Riker you were about to kiss her

Riker;Vanessa I'm sorry I got caught up in the moment

Megan;Id better go

Vanessa;You know what Riker just don't talk to me .... I'm done with you

Ross;Woah what's going on ?

Rydel;Idont know

Rocky;Their arguing that's what couples do

Laura;Why is Vanessa crying Riker ???

Riker;Laura I'm sorry

Laura;Why ?!?

Riker;I tripped & fell on top of Megan her & i were about to kiss well we kind of did


*To be continued*

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