Raura;Going to megans

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Chapter 81;

Ross's POV

Turns out Anna had nothing to do with the incident well I'm going to Megan's to see if she knows something I texted Vanessa telling her I was going to run late so to take Laura to my house . I'm wondering about Ratliff's friend. She texted him telling him about coming to LA I wonder if she has to do with it.... no I don't think so.

*Ross arrives to Megan's*

-Knock at the door-

Megan;*opens the door* hey Ross what's up?

Ross;Can I come in & talk to you?

Megan;Sure about what?

Ross;Well I don't know if you know what happened to Laura

Megan;Wait what happened to Laura??

Ross;She lost her memory turns out someone went to her house & hit her in the head your the only one that knows where she lives I'm not blaming you though if you know something please tell me .

Megan;okay before this happened Anna came to my house. She asked me if I wanted to help her out with something that had to do with you & Laura . I said no I didn't want nothing to do with her plan she left mad but that's it .

Ross;Okay thank you Megan did she tell you anything else ??


Ross;Okay well thanks Megan

Megan;No problem Ross I hope you settle everything

Ross;Thanks once again & I hope so to bye I'll see you next time .


*Ross leaves*


Seems Like Ross Is Getting To The bottom Of This ((;
Stay tuned for the next chapter :D

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