Shes No Good

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Hey guys I'm gonna write a chapter cause I haven't update & I'm just updating right now cause I started school already


Chapter 198;

The next morning

Riker;good morning guys

Ross;your in a good mood

Ratliff;Who's the girl ?

Riker;Okay fine well you guys remember Cassandra right?

Laura;Who's Cassandra ?

Stormie;Yeah who's Cassandra ?

Ryland;Oh boy

Rocky;Is she your girlfriend Riker ?

Ross;It's the girl from the jewelry store when I went to look for your ring

Laura;oh okay

Rydel;Well what about her?

Riker;She's coming over right now

Ross;Oh okay

Stormie;Well okay

Mark;Sounds good you all better behave

Few minutes later

Riker;She's gonna be here


Knock at the door

Ross;she's here

Riker;hey come on in


Laura;Oh great

Rydel; I'm getting a glass of lemonade anyone want one?

Laura;I'll go with you

Ross;I want some

Rocky;Me too

Ryland;Me three

Ross;Just get some for everyone *laughs*

Rydel;Okay well be back

Cassandra;So who are them ?

Riker;Those are my brothers plus my best friend

Cassandra;Hey Ross


Cassandra;Have you proposed?

Ross;Yeah just yesterday

Rydel & Laura walk in

Cassandra;So who's the fiancé the blonde one or the ugly twig?

Ross;What the hell !

Riker;Hey that's not nice

Rocky;Get out of here she's no good Riker

Laura;It's okay I am ugly so what but look at your self


Ratliff;That's mean

Ross;You know what get out of our house how dare you be rude to my fiancé?

Cassandra;Fine by me *leaves*

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