You what??

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Chapter 94;

Laura;Riker she's gonna tell Ross what am I gonna do I don't want to loose my relationship with him ...

Riker;Hey let's go & face what we have to face

*They start heading out of the hospital*

-Vanessa gets to the car-

Rydel;Why are you crying?

Vanessa;Why don't you ask Riker & Laura

Ross;What do you mean??

Vanessa;Guess what Ross ? When I came out of the restroom I see your girlfriend on top of my boyfriend !

Ross;What ?!? Your lying Vanessa

Rydel;What the hell !

Ratliff;It was probably a misunderstanding

Vanessa;Ratliff I saw it with my own eyes *crying*

Mark;Hey their coming

{Riker & Laura arrive}

Ross;You care to freaking explain what the hell happened?!?

Laura;Ross it's not what you think

Ross;Yeah here you come with your sweet talk but you know what were done

Riker;Ross you can't cut her off like this she wanted to get socks for Vanessa she fell on top of me by accident .

Vanessa;To late Riker *cleaning her tears* me & you are done here too

Stormie;You guys can't end like this *sad*

Rydel;I hope your happy of what you did Riker & Laura !

Riker;What the hell you guys don't know what happened & now your cutting me off like this Vanessa ?!? Okay then I see now I'm out of here bye *starts walking away*

Ross;I'm so disappointed in you Laura I thought you were better than that I hope your happy now !

Laura;Okay so your cutting me off like that too? okay I didn't do a huge mistake like you did when we ended because of Anna . just know Ross that I'm telling the truth & Vanessa I didn't mean to hurt you like this *crying*

Vanessa;Your always sorry , but you know what I'm done with you Laura ! I should've never have taken that bullet for you !! I regret it . I don't want to speak to you or Riker get out of my face bye

Stormie;Vanessa don't talk to her like that

Rydel;No mom she's doing the good & teaching her how it's done

Ratliff;You didn't let them explain how mest up .

Ryland;Wow ...

Laura;It's okay . since I'm hated now I'll go walking bye * crying.

-Laura left walking-


How sad :( well I hope you enjoy this chapter ((:

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