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Chapter 27;

-With Rocky-

*bumps into someone*

Rocky;Oh my god I'm so sorry

??;It's okay don't worry about it

Rocky;Hi I'm Rocky & you are?

??;My name is Julie

Rocky;Nice to meet you

Julie;Nice to meet you to . Are you here alone?

Rocky;No I came in a group but their all coupled up but I left them cause I didn't want to be lonely

Julie;You can hang with me cause my brother came here with his girlfriend & I felt like the 3rd wheel so I decided to leave them alone

Rocky;okay what ride?

Julie;The hammer are you down?

Rocky;Heck yeah let's go !

-With Ross & Laura-

Ross;That ride was awesome !

Laura;Heck yeah it was

Ross;Where now ?

Laura;The zipper !

Ross;Let's go !

-With Ratliff & Rydel-

Rydel;Were do you want to go?

Ratliff;Let's go to the bumper cars yeah? then after that the hammer what do you say?

Rydel;okay !

*with Riker & Vanessa*

Vanessa;What ride do we go next?

Riker;I want to go to the Big roller coaster

Vanessa;Okay let's roll!

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