Raura;Fun day

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Riker;*shouts* Hey you guys ready?

Ross;Yeah wait where are we going ?

Rydel;Were gonna go to the mall

Ross;okay then sounds good

Rocky;Alright I'm done

Riker;Okay get in the car

Vanessa;Wait I'm forgetting my purse

Riker;well go get it we'll wait in the car


-With Laura & Ross-

Ross;So Laura if I wanted to go on a date with you id have to ask you?

Laura;Yes why?

Ross;No just wondering

(Rocky's POV;I overheard Ross & Laura talking Ross has to ask her on a date I'm going to help him plan it out when we come back home)

Ross;So your really nice Laura

Laura;Why thank you , you can call me Laur if you want !


*Vanessa gets In the car & They start heading to the mall*

-At the mall-

Rydel;If you guys want to go your own way go for it just be back here in 2 hours or so okay?

Ross;We got it

Ratliff;So we can decide who to go with??


Ratliff okay I'm going with you !

Ross;Laura you want to go with me?

Laura;yeah sure

Rocky;Okay I guess I'm going alone

Riker;Okay just meet us here

Vanessa;Let's go have fun!

-They all go separate ways-

{With Ross & Laura}

Laura;Do you have Any friends here?

Ross;Not really. Do you ?

Laura;No just you & your brothers

Ross;Really? So I'm considered your friend?

Laura;Well apparently you are

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