What To Do

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Chapter 274;

Ryland;Is it okay if I invited savannah over ?

Ross;Yeah it's alright

Riker;You got a girlfriend ? Or is she a friend?

Ryland;She's my girlfriend

Riker;That's nice that you finally found someone so all Lynch's except Rocky are taken

Ross;Rocky has a girlfriend

Rocky;Yeah so it means all of us are taken duh Riker

Riker;Cool when are we going to meet her

Rocky;She's gonna come in a bit right now

Laura;Cool you guys gave them the correct address right?

Rocky;I did

Ryland;So did I

Rydel;You guys are so weird

Ratliff;everyone is weird

Laura;You got that right

Vanessa;How's the pregnancy coming along ?

Laura;Pretty great.I'm kinda nervous though

Rydel;You shouldn't be , it does cause a lot of pain but it's worth it in the end

Ratliff;Ross is going to be by your side so you'll be fine

Riker;What Are we going to do today ?

Ross;I don't know

Rydel;Well I was hoping we could all go to the mall

Vanessa;That sounds great

*Door bell rings*

Rocky;I got it *opens the door*Hey savannah ryland is inside. hey babe . you guys came at the same time?


Rocky;Lets go inside

Ryland;Hey sweetie

Savannah;Hey & hey guys


Rydel;Hey we were talking about what we were going to do today & we came up with going to the mall would you guys like to join us ?

Lilly;I would love to join you guys

Savannah;Sure I don't see why not

Riker;Awesome lets just finish eating

They All sit down & Start eating

Ross;So how did you & Rocky meet?

Lilly;We met at my friends party we accidentally bumped into each other & we talked

Laura;That's cute


Vanessa;What about you & Savannah ?

Ryland;Well I went to go get something for my Dj set but I decided to get some frozen yogurt first & well I was walking in I saw savannah i thought she was cute so I got near where she was I decided to talk to her & then we hung out so I asked her out

Riker;That's cute

Ross;Yeah . delly when is your wedding going to be ?

Rydel;In a month or so

Ratliff;We really haven't planned it out yet . We want to wait since Rosalie is a newborn we don't want to leave her so soon because of the honeymoon

Lilly;He's got a point

Ross;I see

Laura;Just wait for her to be a bit older & then you guys can have your wedding

Rydel;That's what we're going to do

Savannah;Are you two getting married too?

Ross;Who me & her?


Laura;Yeah he proposed but we're just waiting till I give birth & then wait for the baby to be a bit older

Ryland;That's cute so when are you going to plan to have a kid

Riker;*chokes on his food*

Rocky;Easy their

Lilly;I'm pretty sure it hit him too hard

Vanessa;I don't know if we're actually going to plan on having a family together

Riker;Umm yeah

Ross;I think you guys should

Vanessa;We'll see though

Rocky;That's good though

Rydel;Okay guys well let's do this all the guys hang out & all the girls hang out

Riker;That sounds fair

Laura;I think we should do that


Rydel;Wait what about Rosalie ?

Ratliff;I'll take her you need a relaxing day we will all take care of her right guys?

The Guys;Right

Vanessa;So it's settled lets go get ready


Hey guys hope you have an amazing day 💘. I have good news well I don't know how you will take it but

I decided to continue the story . So im going to make it a bit longer than it was supposed to be 🙊.

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