Raura;The Mroning

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Chapter 37;

*Ross wakes up & gets out of bed*

-Walks in the kitchen & sees Rydel-

Ross;Hey Rydel I wanna plan a date for Laura & I

Rydel;Okay so what are you going to do

Ross;Well remember the day I gave Laura the ring & necklace?

Rydel;Yes why?

Ross;Okay so I went I ordered a necklace & bracelet for both of us

Rydel;awe really? how is it?

Ross;Well it's half a heart in each one theirs a picture & has our name plus the back says forever

Rydel;Omg cute !

Ross;Okay here's what I need you to do *whispers the plan* got it?

Rydel;Got it

Ross;Okay perfect

-Rydel walks in Riker's room-

Riker;What's up Rydel?

Rydel;I'm going to need you to get Rocky & Ellington

Riker;On it wait why?

Rydel;Tell you in a bit Vanessa I need you too

Vanessa;Okay on what?

Rydel;Distract Laura for me yeah?

Vanessa;For what?

Rydel;Ross is going to take her on a date

Vanessa;awe okay *gets out of bed & gets dressed*

-Goes in Laura's room-

Vanessa;Hey sun shine get dressed were going out !


(I'll update later..What's Ross's plan?)

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