Is It Him Or Me?

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Chapter 231;

??;It's good to see you guys

Rocky;I'd thought I never see you again ross *starts crying*

Ross;Here I am ...

Rydel;It's so good to have you back baby bro everyone missed you

Ross;Wow Rydel your baby bump it's huge . you look beautiful anyway


Ratliff;I'm glad to see you again everything was different

Riker;I know everything is my fault .. I was the reason you left ...

Ross;No I just wanted to start fresh a new me


Ross;So where's Uhh

Laura walks in

Laura;Guys did your *sees ross*oh ...

Ross;Laura ?

Laura;Oh hi ross ...

Ross;Aren't you gonna give me a hug.?

Laura;Uh no ...

Ross;Wait why.? Laura are you pregnant ??

Laura;Cause I don't want to ... & yes I'm pregnant ...

Ross;How long?

Laura;5 months

Ross;Who's the dad?



Laura;"oh" that's all I get ?

Rydel;Well leave you 2 to talk

They Leave


Laura;What do you want?

Ross;I'm sorry

Laura;Sorry won't fix everything . You left me . I have been on my own for 5 damn months what were you thinking ross that leaving was gonna be a good solution when you knew you & I had sex !

Ross;Laura how was I supposed to know you were gonna get pregnant ? I didn't know . I'm glad you are though .

Laura;No ross this is just shit . I've been on my own . Riker was here . He pretty much cares more than you do . He supported me for these past 5 months

Ross;I told you how was I supposed to know ? I didn't know this was gonna happen if I knew I would've stayed not left ! either ways im not here to argue with you . Laura I love you . I never forgot about you . you were all I thought about

Laura;No .. Don't tell me that now when you weren't here.

Ross;Can I at least know what is it gonna be a boy or girl ?

Laura;It's gonna be a boy . Now I'm gonna go look for Riker .

Ross;One last question .

Laura;What ?

Ross;Is it Him or Is It Me?

Laura;None . Now I'm gonna get going & by the way welcome home . *leaves to her room*

Ross's POV

Laura's right .. I was never here .. not even for her . I didn't know she was pregnant though . I feel so bad ... ugh ross what did you do .. I at least know I'm the father of that baby .. I just feel real bad about this ..

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