Can I ask you something?

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Chapter 111;

{They arrive at home}

Ross;I'm gonna head upstairs I'll see you all tomorrow good night.

Vanessa;aren't you going to finish eating ?

Ross;No I don't feel like it.

Vanessa;oh okay.

Ross;Okay *heads up to his room*

Vanessa;um I'm gonna go to sleep too goodnight guys •goes to her room•

Rydel;what's up with them?

Ratliff;I don't know

Riker;Seems like their upset but that's none of our business.


Rydel;Well Ratliff & I are going to the screening room to watch a disney movie .

Ratliff;Yeah you guys want to join ?

Riker;Sure right now we'll head their

Rydel;Okay don't take to long *They go to the screening room*

Riker;Hey Laur can I ask you something ?

Laura;Sure what is it?

Riker;Do you really like me? if you do why?

Laura;I do like you Riker. the reason why is because when we got heart broken you were their throughout the whole time with me if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have been here right now I mean I understand if you don't feel the same way cause I know deep down inside you still like Vanessa

Riker;Look Laur I do like you . I know I messed up on our date I just got caught up in the moment since well yeah I still like Vanessa & seeing her with Ross bugs me so much.

Laura;oh well look me & you can be friends try to get Vanessa back . I know it'll take time but it'll be worth it .

Riker;Wait were breaking up?

Laura;Yeah sadly but I understand..

Riker;Do you still like Ross ?

Laura;at these points no .

Riker;oh but why are you doing this?

Laura;Cause I know you like Vanessa what you did tonight proved to me that you actually like her more than anything in this world . I get it if I saw someone I love with another person I would act the same way .

Riker;Wow Laura I didn't really think you would do this

Laura;Look Riker I know you like me but we both know you like Vanessa . you can't control your feelings. tonight you proved it by being jealous . then by the way you look at her .

Riker;What do you mean?

Laura;The way you look at her is the way you look at me . I know you like her Riker & from this point you & I are nothing *soft smile*. You go get the love of your life back Riker I have faith in you .

Riker;Really Laura? Why are you doing this?*smiles*

Laura;Cause everyone deserves a second chance

Riker;Why don't you give Ross another chance?

Laura;No I've given Ross 2 chances & that's enough I don't think we'll ever work out again

Riker;Remember what you said "you never know until you give it one last try" well yeah that's all I'm gonna tell you

Laura;Well I don't know

Riker;C'mon on Laura

Laura;No Riker I don't want to get hurt no more

•Ross walks In•

Riker;I thought you were sleeping .

Ross;I came to get a glass of milk

Riker;Oh. well anyways so why Laura ?

*Ross leaves with his milk*

Laura;You know how this has ended first with Anna . then with my own sister. you & I both know that he'll do it again

*Ross was listening with out Riker & Laura knowing *

Riker;But I know Ross isn't capable of doing it the 3rd time

Laura;I don't want to Riker I don't like Ross no more. my feelings faded & so did our memories he hurt me . you remember that letter he wrote me ? well yeah that said "I promise I will never hurt you" . that's the very first thing he did so why even bother

Riker;Well Laura your choice & I understand . I'm glad we can still be friends .

Laura;Thank you & I'm glad to


Ross was listening Riker & Laura talk.
what do you think Ross will do that Riker & Laura aren't a couple anymore ?

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