fuckboy // shyland by rylanddawson
fuckboy // shylandby ◜ ☻ ◞
[COMPLETED] in which shane accidentally texts ryland and a spark ignites {lower case intended} highest ranking: 25/Aug/17 #82 in fanfiction highest ranking: #1 in shylan...
  • rylandadams
  • wattys2017
  • drama
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Adopted by Shyland | ONE-SHOTS by wintershyland
Adopted by Shyland | ONE-SHOTSby A
If you're wondering what it would be like to be adopted by Shane and Ryland, you've come across the perfect book.
  • adoptedbyshyland
  • dawson
  • shanedawson
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bad boy | shyland ✓ by stardustshyland
bad boy | shyland ✓by amber
[completed] shane dawson, the boy your parents warned you about, and ryland adams, the boy who fell in love with him.
  • adams
  • watts
  • shortstory
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text me // shyland by rylanddawson
text me // shylandby ◜ ☻ ◞
{COMPLETED} ''Hey, You're really cute'' -unknown number ''Haha, very funny. Who is this?'' ''I can't tell you that..'' (Shyland College AU)
  • ryland
  • love
  • wattys2017
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Save me | Shyland fanfic by lost_etc
Save me | Shyland fanficby *name*
"You can't save me, okay?" Ryland was standing on the bridge's railing, looking down at the bottom. It was a far way down, but he knew the second he hit the gr...
  • shanefanfic
  • shylandfanfic
  • shane
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You're mine ~ A Shabbie fanfic by ShabbieShabShab
You're mine ~ A Shabbie fanficby Sheena Marry
IT's a Shabbie fanfic
  • shanedawson
  • shabbie
  • thegabbieshow
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notes ; shyland by shookshyland
notes ; shylandby c
| every day a note is left in shane's locker. |
  • shyland
  • shane
  • dawson
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broken | shyland ✓ by stardustshyland
broken | shyland ✓by amber
[completed] ryland adams is broken, and shane dawson is determined to fix him.
  • adams
  • shane
  • shyland
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Shylands baby  by Guest567
Shylands baby by Guest567
Shane and ryland discover something that is extremely confusing and strange, however they walk out of it with a a mini them! (I suck at summaries) It's basically just fl...
  • drewmonson
  • shane
  • baby
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The Marriage Contract by ThatChickUKnow
The Marriage Contractby Marlee
Ryland Steel is the CEO of Steel Industries. At twenty-four he is already a multimillionaire and way too serious for his own good. His father is just about ready to hand...
  • falling
  • mine
  • ceo
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relax // shyland by rylanddawson
relax // shylandby ◜ ☻ ◞
'mommy says i act like a girl, but i'm a boy.. i like a boy. is that why she hates me?' - [simple story] ©
  • ryland
  • fanfiction
  • shortchapters
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The Tutor | 2016 by BlackMidnights
The Tutor | 2016by A
When she receives yet another ugly grade, her teacher sets her up with a student tutor in her class, who also so happens to be the bad boy. | #ProjectBadBoys | {updates...
  • everly
  • undiscovered
  • teenfiction
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A Haunting Love (Morgan × Garrett) (Morgatt) by FaithMeili
A Haunting Love (Morgan × Garrett)...by Fesmiley
When two Youtubers connect through some friends they feel something, something strange. But it can't be, Garrett is gay... will he still feel gay after he protects Morga...
  • morgat
  • morgatt
  • fanfiction
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Forbidden || Shyland Fanfiction 《✔》 by -sobersoft
Forbidden || Shyland Fanfiction 《✔》by || andy ||
- sexuality - acception - mistakes - distance - time - people were all matters of why it was forbidden. started: july 31, 2017 finished: november 23, 2017 book: first
  • shane
  • shyland
  • boyxboy
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Adopted by Shane Dawson  by Rebecca127Boman
Adopted by Shane Dawson by Raebecca127
What happens when orphans Rebecca and Anna get unexpectedly adopted by Youtubers Shane and Ryland I do not own Shane, Ryland, or any of their videos, just the girls and...
  • sisterlove
  • bomansisters
  • shanedawson
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Bad Lynch's Get Punished by sweeteststorieshere
Bad Lynch's Get Punishedby Sweeteststorieshere
When Riker is put in charge he decides to punish the Lynch kids and Ratliff with spanking, diapers, or wedgies when they get in trouble
  • ellington
  • rydel
  • rydellington
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Save me: Shyland fanfiction by manyfandomsunite
Save me: Shyland fanfictionby Ugh
Shane is happy with his life and doesn't think life can get any better... until he meets Ryland Adams. One night he goes on bumble and matches with Ryland. They both bec...
  • rylandadams
  • gay
  • shaneandryland
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R5 Imagines by Patti2905
R5 Imaginesby Patti
Just some random Imagines/One Shots and there might be some preferences as well. Imagines without [Name] in the title include all of R5. I am currently not taking reques...
  • r5fanfic
  • r5
  • rocky
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R5 Imagines by httprydel
R5 Imaginesby callie
r5 imagines/preferences!!
  • lynch
  • rydellynch
  • ellingtonratliff
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Shyland Oneshots  by breeoc97
Shyland Oneshots by b r e e - o
One in eight couples struggle with infertility. Shane Dawson & Ryland Adams are one of them. Shane Dawson & Ryland Adams are happily married and have been trying to hav...
  • shyland
  • shane
  • rylandadams
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