Imagines about your favorite squad! - I take requests - #1 in shanedawson 10/20/18
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text me // shyland by rylanddawson
text me // shylandby ◜ ☻ ◞
{COMPLETED} ''Hey, You're really cute'' -unknown number ''Haha, very funny. Who is this?'' ''I can't tell you that..'' (Shyland College AU)
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Shane and Squad Imagines/oneshots by Kel616
Shane and Squad Imagines/oneshotsby Kel616
So I have a lot of ideas of stories I want to write and instead of having separate books for each one, I decided to combine them into one book. These will be shorter sto...
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relax // shyland by rylanddawson
relax // shylandby ◜ ☻ ◞
'mommy says i act like a girl, but i'm a boy.. i like a boy. is that why she hates me?' [simple story] -©️2018 rylanddawson [MENTAL ILLNESSES TOPICS]
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Friends ~ Andrew Siwicki by AuthorN01
Friends ~ Andrew Siwickiby Author N
"It's hard to pretend to be just friends with someone when every time you look at the person, all you see is everything you want to have."
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Save me | Shyland fanfic (UNDER EDITING) by lost_etc
Save me | Shyland fanfic (UNDER ED...by *name*
"You can't save me, okay?" Ryland was standing on the bridge's railing, looking down at the bottom. It was a far way down, but he knew the second he hit the gr...
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✧ Safe Haven  ➳  Adopted by Shane Dawson ✧ by 1-800-EMOTIONAL
✧ Safe Haven ➳ Adopted by Shane...by via
When Y/N was kicked out of their own home at fourteen, they needed help. They knew this. What they didn't know, however, was that that help was going to come from intern...
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oneshots by sweetiegarrett
oneshotsby nat
copyright @sweetiegarrett
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Andrew Siwicki x The new squad member (complete) by user05490653
Andrew Siwicki x The new squad mem...by Wannabewriter
Being in love with someone is like giving a drunk person the keys to your car, and letting them drive you round. But trying to fall out of love is like trying to change...
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My Boy (shyland) by MoonlitShyland
My Boy (shyland)by kayduck87
Ryland is in high school. He has a pretty good life, kind family, good grades, but something is missing. Then Shane moves to his small town, and everything changes. The...
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bad boy | shyland ✓ by stardustshyland
bad boy | shyland ✓by amber
[completed] shane dawson, the boy your parents warned you about, and ryland adams, the boy who fell in love with him.
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R5 Imagines | DISCONTINUED  by httprydel
R5 Imagines | DISCONTINUED by callie
r5 imagines/preferences!!
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Andrew Siwicki Headcannons by starstruckchalamet
Andrew Siwicki Headcannonsby k :)
just some headcannons about my fave red headed cutie a headcannon; a bulleted list describing what would happen if you were on a scenario with said person
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The guy I met online | shyland by boujeeryland
The guy I met online | shylandby liza
ryland is sexually confused until the pretty, auburn haired boy sends him a text. (all lower caps intended)
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shane dawson + squad preferences  by peachluxz
shane dawson + squad preferences by -des ♡
❝ hey what's up you guys yes ! ❞ this squad deserves more recognition on wattpad i'm-
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True love - Andrew Siwicki  by user05490653
True love - Andrew Siwicki by Wannabewriter
If loving you is wrong then I don't want to be true. I gave up on love and here you came. And ever since I met you you've been on my brain, Macie. - Andrew Siwicki
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Adopted by Shyland | ONE-SHOTS by wintershyland
Adopted by Shyland | ONE-SHOTSby A
If you're wondering what it would be like to be adopted by Shane and Ryland, you've come across the perfect book.
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Pretty Eyes ; Shyland by Lilac_Abyss
Pretty Eyes ; Shylandby fleur
lower case intended :) "his eyes are fierce flames of sapphire. i used to see blue as cold, like winter ice. now I understand. the hottest fires burn blue."
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Shane and friends-imagines and preferences by Mxniminter
Shane and friends-imagines and pre...by SDMN.SQUAD
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Andrew Siwicki Imagines by FateIsNotOnFire
Andrew Siwicki Imaginesby FateIsNotOnFire
Andrew Siwicki Imagines! Updated when i have time. thats all
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