Raura;Carnival & Home

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Chapter 33;

Ross;The cotton candy is good

Laura;It sure is *gets a text from Vanessa*

Ross;Who texted you?

Laura;Vanessa she said to head back

Ross;Okay let's go

-With Rydel & the rest-

Rydel;*gets a text* hey guys we have to head back were leaving

Ratliff;Alright let's go

Rocky;It was really nice meeting you Julie we should hang out again !

Julie;yes we should here's my # *hands him a paper* text me sometime *winks at him*

Rocky;I sure will *smiles* alright let's go guys

-They get their with the Riker & Vanessa-

Riker;Hey guys ! did you guys have fun?

Rydel ; heck yeah this was a blast !

Ratliff;It sure was

Riker;Okay let's head back home

*They got home*

Riker;Imma go to bed goodnight guys

Vanessa;Yeah me to

Rocky;I'm just gonna go shower then go to bed see you in the morning

Ratliff;Let's go to bed sweetie?


Ross;Make sure to behave In that room !

Rydel;Yes I know

Ross;Let's go up stairs Laur & have the talk


-They go to Ross's room-

Ross;So you do like me right?

Laura;Yes a lot your really sweet & caring everything about you is perfect !

Ross;Okay I have something to tell you

Laura;What is it?

Ross;I have a secret to tell you ..

Laura;Which is?


*To be continued*

(Stay tuned & Find out Ross's secret do you think Laura has a secret too?(;)

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