Raura;Telling the news

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Hey guys I decided to keep writing I know I said I was going to stop but I decided not too thank @EmpyHodge she's the one that keeps me going so thank you!!((:


Chapter 82;

-With the Lynch's-

Laura;So who's house is this ?

Riker;Ours .

Rydel;Does it suck that you lost your memory Laur ?

Laura;Well yeah I mean cause I can't remember nothing I want to remember I'm trying really hard but it can't get in my mind .

Rocky;Woah Laura don't try to hard the doctor said to give it time so do as he says

Laura;I know but all of you guys expected me to remember you . I didn't though..

Ratliff;It's okay if you don't we understand but if you remember something tell us please it'll help us out .

Laura;Well I saw a person . the person was big . I don't think it was a girl . the person was buff .

Vanessa;That's all you remember ?

Laura;yes that's all

Riker;So it's not Anna she must of put some guy in it .

Rydel;Do you guys think it's Adam cause he is buff & tall

Rocky;I don't think so

Stormie;Who's Adam ?

Rocky;Some neighbor that was Laura's friend

Stormie;oh okay

Ryland;Wait Anna came back?

Ratliff;Pretty much

Mark;What a surprise we were gone for 1 week & look what happened !

Stormie;I know right!!

Mark;Yeah .

*Knock at the door*

Rocky;I'll get it

*Rocky opens the door*

Ross;Hey guys *walks in*

Riker & Rydel; any news? *disappointed*

Ross;Yeah well kinda...

Ryland;So what is it?

Stormie;C'mon Ross tell us we can help. Were worried !

Ross;*takes a deep breathe* okay turns out Anna has to do with it . she wanted to put Megan into it but Megan said no that she didn't want to . guys I don't think it's Adam he wouldn't hurt Laura . it has to be someone else !

Ratliff;Like who?


Rydel;Laura do you know anyone else?

Laura;no I can't remember ...

Vanessa;Joshua !!!


Vanessa;Yes Joshua he told Laura that he'll come back for Laura & hurt her !!

Ross;Your right .

Riker;Okay who the hell is Joshua?

Ross;An ex of Laura he promised to hurt her & come look for her

Stormie;We have to keep Laura safe no matter what!!

Mark;Yes we do you guys are family now & family sticks together no matter what!

Ryland;Why don't they just move in?

Ross;Great idea

Vanessa;No were fine guys

Riker;We want you safe though theirs a lot of guys in this house to protect you & Laura plus my family . Vanessa I can't let you live alone with Laura knowing you guys are going to get hurt understand please.we have 3 extra rooms in one room we can put your guys stuff

Vanessa;*turns to look at Laura* what do you say?

Laura;Yes we'll move in

Everyone;Great let's start


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