Starting to Look

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Chapter 98;

Ross;She's not my "new" girlfriend Riker. she's my friend.

Riker;Really Ross because when you 2 walked in you had your hand over her shoulders so don't come telling me your not dating. I'm waisting my time imma go look for Laura cause you don't clearly care . Mom!! Dad!! Ellington!! let's go

Stormie;Alright let's go I hope she's okay were still in November which is really cold .

Mark;I'm sure she's okay she's a pretty smart girl. let's go sweetheart .

*They all leave except for Ross , Vanessa , & Rydel*

-They get to the van-

Ryland;So what's the obvious places a person would be at ?

Riker;A park , an abandoned place , or other places.

Ratliff;What if she's with Adam ?

Mark;I highly doubt it Adam would've called us by now .

Stormie;True that . let's go see in the park near here.

*Ryland starts heading to the park*

Ryland;Where here let's go.

Riker;Okay let's hope we find her .


-They get off the van-

Mark;Okay me & your mom are going together


Mark;Riker you go with Ryland & Rocky along with Ratliff if anything text us. got it?

Everybody;Got it

* They all weren't their separate ways*

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