You Scared Us !

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Chapter 351;

(In the room with Rocky)

Doctor;Okay Rocky now I gotta say your one lucky man

Rocky;(weak)thanks doc . C-can I see my family ?

Doctor;yes you can just for a while though because you need your rest . Nurse would you like to call his family over ?

Nurse;Sure thing .

(in the waiting room)

Savannah;The good thing now is that he's okay

Stormie;Yes now we can all be calm

Ross;It's already what 11:48 .

Mark;After were done hearing the last thing you can go home if you want

Riker;Well we're not going anywhere because we all came with you except Ross , Laura , Rydel , & Ratliff

Nurse;Lynch? Rocky Mark Lynch?

Stormie;That's us.Yes nurse ?

Nurse;Rocky is asking to see you guys. One thing I'm gonna need you to take it easy on him .

Lilly;Thank you nurse

Nurse;No problem now you can go in Rocky's room too see him

(they all head to Rocky's room)

Rocky;(smiles weakly)hey g-guys


Rocky;it's good to see you

Ross;(feels bad)

Riker;You scared us !

Stormie;We thought we lost you Rocky !

Rocky;I'm not going anywhere not right now . I still gotta marry my beautiful fiancé & watch my baby grow up

Ryland;Congrats man


Rydel;I was so scared

Laura;I think we all were

Rocky;Anyway the point is I'm okay no need to worry alright ?

Lilly;I had to worry .We all did . Rocky you mean a lot to us .Each one loves & cherishes you for a reason .

Rocky;Thanks babe (smiles at lilly)


Savannah;How long until your out ?

Rocky;I gotta be here for a week or 2

Vanessa;that sucks

Rocky;It does . How are the babies ?

Ross;They're great

Rocky;That's good

Riker;Do you want to rest ?

Rocky;I have too

Savannah;I'm gonna go I texted my mom to pick me up since I'm staying the night over

Ryland;Okay than you be good Savannah

Savannah;I will don't worry I love you

Ryland;I love you too

Savannah;bye guys (walks out)


Mark;We should get going too

Stormie;Yeah you need your rest Rocky we'll be back 1st thing in the morning

Lilly;I better go

Rocky;(sighs) fine but I'll miss you

Lilly;I will too (leans in & kisses him)

Ross;were gonna go too ill see you first thing tomorrow I'm sorry your the reason why your in here

Rocky;No your not okay ross ?

Ross;You know it is (leaves)

Laura;Sorry about that he's not really taking it well

Rocky;(sad) I know ill see you all tomorrow right ?

Riker;Of course

Rocky;Okay guys drive safe

Vanessa;Will do night Rocky bye

Rocky;Night & goodbye

Sorry for the sucky chapter 😪

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